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    What Makes A Show Quality Silkie? ADDED PICS

    You can show beardless silkies, they just have different qualifications. Look under "wattles" in the link above.
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    Imprinting question

    I don't believe they do either. I think the whole mother hen/chick bond is just one of those things of nature.
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    Calling silkie color guru's out there. Need advice and help.

    I wouldn't say lavender yet for sure. I hatched one out that looked just like that, but she turned out to be gray.
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    Bromance between two roos!?

    I would say hen and roo.
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    Is it ok....

    Bread makes a good treat for adults, but it is best not to give young chicks bread, period. The little chicks eat bread then drink water, bad things happen. If you're curious, put a little piece of bread in a bowl of water.
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    The odd balls.

    They looks just like my other OEGB hens, I just can't figure out their coloring.
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    The odd balls.

    This little girl is about 6 months old. Any guesses as to what she is? I actually have two, both hens.
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    Too much chicken poop

    It can be composted also; just need lots of greens.
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    What is this? (craigslist ad)

    Do you know if they have tails? True Araucana's are rumpless.
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    10' Per Chicken

    That should be ok as long as they also free range.
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    Are They Alive?

    You do not puncture the shell for the float test, just put them in there whole. Sorry I no longer have that egg, that batch of eggs have hatched and I have another set in the hatcher now.
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    dry incubating eggs test

    I too had similar issues with a "wet" incubation." I switched to dry incubating and have a 99% hatch rate. It's so much easier! Good to know I'm not the only one who took the chance. Maybe other disgusted folks will try dry incubating also.
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    I'm I over feeding 4 week old chicks.

    All chicks do is eat and poop, so expect to go through some food.
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    Day 22 or 23...should I give up?

    I would give them a few more days, just to be sure. Seeing as how you opened the incubator during these critical last few days, they may be lost. For future reference, once they start pipping, it's best not open the incubator. The chicks can survive for 72 hours without food or water, so no...
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    Are They Alive?

    No, the big end, into the air cell; the chick will be down in the little end. You should see movement, or even the beak if it's pipped internally. If you're unsure, you can even touch the inner membrane and feel for movement. Just be careful not to break the membrane covering the chick. If you...
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