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    Chicken Limping - Injury or Illness

    It seems like the hip. I’m still trying to figure out how to post a video. :/
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    Chicken Limping - Injury or Illness

    There hasn’t been noticeable injury on either bird. I thought Marek’s was more of a full paralysis. She’s still able to walk on it and stretch her leg out but it just seems to give out. We’ve lost a few this summer and are feeling pretty horrible about the prospect of losing more.
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    Chicken Limping - Injury or Illness

    We have a 4 month old girl (the black one) that started limping about a week ago. She’s shown no other signs of illness. Her tail is perky and she’s eating well. I’ve included a picture but am not sure how to share a video. It seems like her hip gives out and she ends up putting her whole...
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    Hello. We’ve been wanting to keep chickens for a while and with being home so much this year, we decided to give it a go. After my husband build a beautiful coop and run, it seems we’re in it for the long haul.
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