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  1. Picture of Dillan

    Picture of Dillan

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    Oh Craigslist, You Amuse Me So!

    LOL I remember that one! Maybe it was her long lost relative
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    Oh Craigslist, You Amuse Me So!

    After reading through all these pages... lol I finally found one for y'all. So many, where to start...? GREAT FOR ART PROJECTS (Chesapeake) Cleaning out my house and have SO many things to give away. If you are an artist or like crafts here is a list of things I have (the number in...
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    I'm adopting a greyhound. (one pict)

    I agree. I think 30 days is sufficient for most dogs. You say you're worried about if he doesn't work out & you have to return him, but really, if you 'foster' or 'trial' him & he doesn't work out, you'll have to do the same thing. Our son is 7yo, autistic, exceptionally loud, pretty bouncy...
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    Many Eggs Form Inside The Chicken Here's a link I'd found while trying to explain this to family. It's got good visuals of the ovaries & eggs-in-waiting.
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    Horse emergency, super heavy bleeding

    I'd start calling every vet in your area to find one that will come out. That's a serious injury & the horse may have to be sedated to fully examine the injury itself, not to mention you said it's skittish anyway. Can you tell if the blood is coming from the actual hoof area or above the hoof?
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    Am I Being Unforgiving?

    It took me a long long time to get a grip on guilt, family pressures, obligations, etc. I have a horribly toxic extended family that, thankfully, my dad removed me from for the most part. My mother did the same on her side. It helped that we'd moved many states away from those people. Fast...
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    UPDATE! not paranoid!... keeping RE buyers from casing my place?

    You're luck sounds like mine so I *totally* get where you're coming from & after living in a city I hate & feel constantly on-guard & unsafe in, yeah, I don't trust people just because the chances of something happening are "so small". Not to mention, I'm even more paranoid being an active...
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    The Old Folks Home next door is afraid of Rodents and complaining!

    I'm seconding that the older people probably have bad biases against the chickens FROM their time of keeping them. Not all old-farmers LIKED all the details of animal keeping, most of the ones I've come in contact with had terrible infestations of mice or rats, excessive smell from the coops...
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    Killing cones inhumane?

    Sorry lol, I was debating whether it would be 'too much info' to put all that in so I omitted it. I was very full term & realized I'd had a placental abruption, turned out to be a complete abruption (not a slower bleed that you usually hear of or see on the birth shows). Because the whole...
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    Killing cones inhumane?

    Having bled out 2/3 of my blood volume over 25min... I can testify, at least for ME, there was no real "pain". I remember being fully conscious for about 3min, enough to put a robe on & walk to the vehicle (was faster than waiting for an ambulance), after that I was just in & out of awareness...
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    They're location specific, so you're going to have to give more info. What city/county & what state do you live in?
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    How can I get rid of a cat?????????

    Quote: If this is seriously your point of view, then you haven't been ripped end from end by a kitten, much less a full grown cat. I rarely even mess with friends' personal cats, because you never know when they'll nail you & unfortunately, it's pretty rare that they're just tame lap-dogs...
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    At what age do you allow your children to process meat birds?

    My husband was grown up on hunting to eat, where they were in Maine, it was very normal- still is. He went hunting the first time at 6yo. My dad's always been a hunter- says the girl whose birthday falls during the week-long hunting season dad would take... LOL but the MOST he ever had me do...
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