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    Wyandotte Silver Laced Golden Laced Blue Laced Red Buff Blue Black White Columbian Red Barred Pencil

    Wyandotte silver laced, golden laced, blue laced red, buff, blue, black, white, columbian, red, barred, penciled partridge. Created by Me + Peeps Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Although not much is known about which birds contributed to the wyandotte it is thought that...
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    How protective are you?

    About a week ago my chickens were out in the yard just while i cleaned the coop and my dog had to come out to go to the bathroom so he was on his leash somehow he had twisted his head perfectly to where he pulled his head right out. He took off towards one of my chickens but i was in between him...
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    Are they big enough to go into the coop?

    I just have three wyandotte hens it is in my tag line, one seems to try and bully them a lot the other two just leave them alone
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    Are they big enough to go into the coop?

    I have two seven week old chicks and i was wondering if they will be roughly the same size as my hens in a week or two so that they could go into the coop?
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    Chicken safe plants in the run

    I was thinking about putting some medium bushes in my chickens run. what plants are safe and which are not? is this a good idea, i really don't care if they shred the bushes just something to keep them entertained. Are there any plants that chickens like better? thanks in advance
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    When can chicks eat layer feed?

    I have two chicks that in a week or two should be big enough to move into the coop with the big girls and i was wondering if 8 weeks old is still to young for laying feed and if i should feed grower feed with oyster shell available instead of layer feed? Thanks in advance
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    Anything I'm missing here?

    You won't need oyster shell until their laying and if you just save egg cartons it should be plenty
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    Anyone wanna help out a newbie?!

    Those pullets sure do look like they are going to lay look at those red combs
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