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    best hatchery for salmon faverolles?

    Here are mine from Ideal. They were hatched May 2 so almost two months old. Some are light, some are dark but all are cute and healthy. The rooster is really obvious. You can only get them from Ideal certain times of the year. I believe February to June. I had to get on the waiting list...
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    Pictures of how we keep our ducks cool.

    My ducks love the sprinkler, too. Every time I water the garden they are there in seconds. My neighbor lady across a 5 line major highway was watering her yard one morning and the ducks could smell it. They made it across and she had to yell at me across the highway that my ducks were over...
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    can anyone identify this fish?

    Sorry for the delay in responding I had to take three tests yesterday which I passed!! Week four of nursing school and I am still passing....always a good thing!! I want this fish to be anything but a carp. It definitely does look pregnant to me as well. If it is a minnow or a guppy it will...
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    can anyone identify this fish?

    I did not know what a squaw fish was until I googled it. I found that they are in the Pacific Northwest, I'm in Texas, but then it also said in the Colorado River which is not that far from here. I really hope it is not a squaw fish though. They seem invasive and like to eat other fish. When I...
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    can anyone identify this fish?

    If it is a minnow that would be great. They are very fat and small right now. We will be monitoring to see if they get any bigger.
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    can anyone identify this fish?

    We found a ton of these in a mud hole that catches run off from the highway. We had put 5 very large catfish in this mud hole during the drought late last summer. Now the hole is getting low and the tanks are finally filled up so we needed to sane out the fish to put them in deeper water and...
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    Thinking about letting them "loose" (aka really free range )

    I have always allowed my chickens to free range sun up to sun down when they are about three months old. I don't have a predator problem as my dog takes care of that. It sounds like your run is not covered as you mentioned a couple flew into the backyard already. I think once you let them in...
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    The beginnings of our tractor coop

    Looking good so far. I agree that I don't think it will be mobile especially with an attached run and if you want to install an automatic pop door. The door will need electricity. If you are like me you let the DH figure it out on his own and just smile when he realizes it. If you want to do...
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    IDEAL Hatchery: When did you get your chicks?

    Stormy, you could have drove there and back by now!! That's what I do. They are only 30 minutes away. When you go pick them up there is a small area in the front door and everything else is walled off. The door to the back only allows certain people in (not me!) and you have to spray the bottom...
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    When to turn off heat lamp?

    My brooder box was in a building. Even with the temperature outside in the 60s the temperature in the building was warmer than that. My chicks are three weeks old today. I stopped using the heat lamp a week ago. I actually only used it at night from the day they were hatched. I realize I am in...
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