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    Polish hen skinny bright green poop

    Good morning She does walk but not for long periods and Is wobbly when she first starts then sits down. And will run when she thinks I’m gonna pick her up Her poop isn’t bright green anymore and she is eating well but doesn’t seem to be gaining I have the vitamins and will add in egg this...
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    Polish hen skinny bright green poop

    Hey y’all I have a year old polish hen. She was outside with my showgirl too. I started noticing that she would stay in their house a lot facing the corner. Then she stopped laying and looked very weak and skinny. I brought her in a few days ago and started feeding her eggs yogurt and mash with...
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    Hen with head in corner

    Yes I looked her over a couple of times. I will look more closely tomorrow. My husband said that she eats....but I haven’t been here to observe her eating and drinking....I had thought about bringing her in for a few days? I will also get pictures. The showgirl hen in there with her and the...
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    Hen with head in corner

    My 5 month old polish hen is always sitting in a corner of the coop with her head facing the corner. She is in the pen with a showgirl too and hen. Is she sick?
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    5 month old silkie with wry neck now dying

    Good morning coach. Yes I did the vitamin e with selenium from about the 2nd week. Should I keep on with that and go on with the Stafford treatment? I’ve been reading about the Marek’s from the beginning and praying that would not be it all along. Would Marek’s come on like that? I mean I know...
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    5 month old silkie with wry neck now dying

    I have been treating my chicken with wry neck for appx a month & a half now. She had a severe case of it and would just drop her head and walk backwards. She could most of the time gain bearings back and stand up. She had been improving having some good days and some bad days....5 days ago she...
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    Prednisone for Wry Neck

    Hey everyone!! My 3 month old silkie has been suffering with wry neck for about 7 weeks. She will seem better, then backslide.....I’ve been reading about I think it’s called the “Stanford Method”? It’s calling for prednisone as part of the treatment. I’m trying to find out where I can purchase...
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    Dosage for wry neck

    Hello I have a silkie chicken with wry neck pretty bad. Will sit up but the. Drop head between her legs and go backwards.... I bought the 268 mg vitamin e and selenium softgels and am wanting to make sure about the dosage. She is about 6 weeks old Thanks for any help! My baby is pitiful
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    Chick with wry neck constant chirping

    Hello I have a 4 week old showgirl and I noticed it had wry neck 3 days ago. I started giving vitamins and separated it from the other chicks. She is doing better but when I put her down she continuously is chirping like she’s having anxiety.....I’m afraid that the stress from the chirping is...
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