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    Interesting! Mine do eat a lot but are pretty good layers as well. They are friendly and are good with my other birds (RIRs, bantams, aracaunas). Sorry your luck wasn't good with them.
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    Help please? Little oegb bantam panting, wings down

    Hi, one of my girls is acting strange...panting heavily, wings down a bit, very docile and she usually isn't easy to pick up. Three years old. Thoughts?
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    Hen broke her leg - any advice/experience with this?

    Hi, Lots of nice shavings, treats, water, etc. She will be spoiled rotten if she makes it through this. She seems better every day. Just need to be patient. Thanks again! :)
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    Hen broke her leg - any advice/experience with this?

    Hi, they said it was a break that went straight across to top of her femur. I did not see the x-ray unfortunately. It is also near an 'air sack'? I don't know what that is all about other than they said its location would make surgery difficult because of that air sack, the chicken's...
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    Please help me rehome my Leghorn - MA

    Hi, I have adopted from the animal rescue league and I know they have a farm animal site. Did you try contacting them? It may be a last resort but the hens I've gotten there have been sweet and well cared for. Good luck! I had two roos I had to adopt out as well - isn't easy in...
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    Hen broke her leg - any advice/experience with this?

    Hi, the vet (who is not chicken savvy) said it was a bad break and that they couldn't cast it because of its location. They estimated 8 weeks for healing but again, were basing this on a good faith guess. I like your estimate better. :) She seems to be doing better today...hungry and...
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    Three chickens need help

    Hi, I think this link will get you to the florida folks.....if not, it's definitely under the where am I thread under the Social category in the site map:
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    Three chickens need help

    I have adopted birds from our Animal Rescue League - maybe they can help you or foster the birds for you? Worth a call.....I am in Massachusetts so I'm not much help but I truly hope you are able to find someone to pitch in. Sorry to hear about your situation. On this site, there are also...
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    Hen broke her leg - any advice/experience with this?

    Hi, My RIR hen broke her femur today. The vet has seen her and said surgery (metal plate and pins) is an option but it is cost prohibitive for me. They also said I could take her home, give her some pain meds, and see if she'll heal up on her own. She's here in my living room in a cage...
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    Good news and bad news on my Aracaunas?

    Hi, the good news is that my little aracaunas are starting to lay pretty green eggs. The problem is they are really small - about the size of the eggs my bantams lay. Is that normal? Will they get bigger as they get more 'practice'? The birds are bigger than my two Reds, who lay good sized...
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    Decrowing Roosters.

    Thank you! I've been driving to Southern RI to see (wait for it...) Dr. Bird. Yes. Bird. :) She's wonderful but it's along ride.
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    do skunks hurt chickens?

    Geez Louise! What DOESN'T eat chickens? :) I had no idea about the Skunks and possums. Glad I read this.
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    Decrowing Roosters.

    I wish I had that option. I lost two of the sweetest birds because I am not allowed to have roosters in my town. Luckily I found a rescue but I tried everything - even finding a way to neuter them (yes, massachusetts vets all got a hearty chuckle out of me when I asked THAT one). If it doesn't...
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    Need some advicee

    Hi, I have some old english bantams and they can be a little uppity with the other hens at first (added 6 newbies recently). The pecking order settled itself out though and all's well now. Tough to watch but after a few days it gets to be fewer and fewer dust ups. I'd say as long as she isn't...
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    Molting chickens

    I was just logging in to ask the same questions. I have an OEG bantam that looks like she's dying. She's eating fine, fiesty as ever, but looks awful. Not sure if I should be doing something extra. Also not sure why only one is molting?? Is that a bad sign? Thanks everyone!
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