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    South mississippi

    Hello from Picayune, MS just moved here from Colorado( I know stupid RIGHT! ) and have been with BYC for about 2 years so welcom.
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    Icelandic Chickens

    If anyone has Icelandic chicks available after June first, because we are moving I had to get rid of all my birds. I of course I am willing to pay for them and shipping, I only get on this site every couple of days because we are packing. So please let me know if anyone is willing to sell me...
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    All my Icelandic chicks died need some PLEASE anyone

    All my Icelandic's died within a week of receiving them I would like to buy some more. If you have some you can sell and ship to me I would be greatful. Looking for 10 to 15 in STR
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    Is there any other swaps in Colorado area other then Denver Urban Homesteader's one?
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    So is THIS my first Guinea EGG?

    Yeah I was like what the heck is this little thing. My wife were just returning from the store and she asked when are they going to start laying I said any day now just didn't know it was this day. Will the others follow that ones lead and start laying also or is it a crap shoot?
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    So is THIS my first Guinea EGG?

    I found this inside my egg box today all chickens and guinea's are 8 months or older so what does everybody think took pic with regular egg for size comparison
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    What breed is this and Is it an egg layer???

    Single Comb Brown Leghorn
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    Here are 2 pics of Free "Rare" Chick I got today

    I am sorry guys this WAS NOT the Free Rare it is the Ancona Male
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    Here are 2 pics of Free "Rare" Chick I got today

    What Sex and Breed am I Pic2
  10. Free Exotic Chick

    Free Exotic Chick

  11. Free Chick

    Free Chick

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