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    Sneezing Chickens

    I have a hen that is sneezing like crazy- My small flock is all old ladies (the eldest are 6 yrs old, the youngest 3 yrs old- this is one of the younger gals) No discharge, eating, maybe slightly slower moving, but not terribly so. I was out there doing their second dose of worming with...
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    Safe treat?

    Thank you!!!
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    Safe treat?

    I want to make this: I do not have enough bacon fat, but do have an organic coconut oil on hand- Would it be safe to mix the two fats (bacon and coconut) and use a good quality birdseed to...
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    S/O Hen Panting- got one here too

    I have a 1 yr old Arucana that is panting a lot over the last 3 days. It is only the mid 80's here and she has an open air run, well-ventilated coop, fresh water, and access to shade. Her bottom is slightly messy, but otherwise no other symptoms- We did lose another hen (4 y/o BO) recently...
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    ATTN: dawg53 RE: Worming/Winter

    I just did the Wazine worming to kick off the annual fall worming- but only have Fenbendazole (10%) for the second stage. (I was planning on giving a pea sized amt in bread to each gal individually- we only have 6) Will this be sufficient for most worms and mites? We've had problems with...
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    Egg with many ridges outside, and a lot of blood inside

    Hey reviving this thread because I have just gone through 8 eggs to find two normal. 6 of the 8 were loaded with blood- a big spot on the yolk and then enough to color the white pink on all 6. The girls have been recently wormed (a month 1/2 ago) we waited quite a bit longer than the 14 day...
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    Worming advice from my Avian Vet

    I am a novice (and I am sure you'll get better advice from more experienced folks here), but I am inclined to agree- then again I am the same way with human health. Good diet, healthy lifestyle, treat when problems arise. Still I have to confess, I have wound up worming yearly 1) I dont...
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    Safeguard EQUINE 10% Wormer

    Ok y'all I have a hen shaking her head excessively (not her normal head shake) and suddenly all the gals are sleeping in the run instead of in the coop. I have wormed with Wazine and Ivermectin recently- but after more reading here seems like the ivermectin method I used (injectible solution...
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    Sick chicken w/ gape worm!

    Quote: How do you dose this type of the safeguard?
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    Sick chicken w/ gape worm!

    Quote: Is there an effective abx that can be added to a small flock water supply- If it's resp they would all have been exposed, no?
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    Sick chicken w/ gape worm!

    Quote: FYI Safeguard isnt flubendazole, it is fenbendazole. Fenbendazole is effective on gapeworms though, no? I thought I just saw that on the msu cares....(sorry went to pull it)Yes- Still, I cannot seem to figure out a dose thast's...
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    Ive never wormed my chickens

    I am interested in the responses to this thread- I have seen so mnay conflicting opinions on this topic that I am truly dazed and confused about worming at this point- Recently I wormed with Wazine in the waterer and then followed with Ivermectin injectible solution mixed into water- but I...
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    I had my rooster "Fred" de-crowed... sad update

    I am so sorry! I am sure you struggled with your decision- You must have really adored the fellow to try so hard to keep him and I can totally get that. Wishing you all the best.
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    Swollen abdomen....

    Honestly I would think either kidney problems, internal layer, or eggbound. Speckledhen has several threads on the latter two and may be a great resource for you if you search her threads.
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    Chicken keeping stinks right now!

    Any more ideas? She is still shaking her head frequently and her comb is still a bit shrunken (or her head feathers are a little ruffled?) A previous poster suggested gapeworm- She is not gaping and I recently wormed with Wazine followed by Ivermectin- Is there another wormer that would be...
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