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    New to chickens

    Hello and welcome. Build that coop quick, they are only chicks for about 5 minutes!
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    Dead Hens???

    I've always been told you cant really overfeed unless they are meat birds that are bred to be heavyweights but are being kept long-term as pets. I wouldnt expect it to be a problem with layers, everyone lets them eat as much as they want.
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    Dead Hens???

    You mentioned the cold.. Could it be that their water is frozen and they are dehydrated, causing eggbinding and vent problems, which led to the bloodthirsty behavior?
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    Dead Hens???

    Sorry I wasn't more helpful. Do you have any idea what could be causing your recent problems? Could your birds be overcrowded or unhappy for any reason? Do they have access to feed and water all day long? Have you examined the vents of the whole flock? It seems like the bloody eggs and the vent...
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    Dead Hens???

    I would suggest doing a forum search and reading any threads about vent pecking.
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    Dead Hens???

    Sorry, your post was a little confusing
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    Just joined BYC

    Hello; welcome.
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    First Time Chicken Owner!

    Yeah, mine aren't that interested in being picked up either, but they like to be near me and squwak at me.
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    You should try to get rid of the squirrels or keep them out somehow before they start farting around with the eggs..
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    Chicken ramps

    Most people just do a ramp with cleats, but anything that lets them get inside is fine, from cinderblocks to staircases.
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    Dead Hens???

    You should try to be more specific. Do they look like they have obvious injuries, or just unexplained blood? Could they have been attacked or are they sick?
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    Hi from the west coast

    Spring is a good time for new chicks. Welcome to BYC.
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    Hello Chicken Lovers

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    First Time Chicken Owner!

    If you handle them a lot and give them treats they will like you
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    First Time Chicken Owner!

    Hello and welcome
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