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    poult hatchlings and 'flip' over

    Nine poults and done hatching and no flip overs. Given the free range food was better than it is now..I believe then that it was due to incubation issues and not food or genetics. This batch was a HUGE difference.
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    poult hatchlings and 'flip' over

    I agree that feed stores don't really care about much other than profit. I raise my meat chick broilers my way and don't have the same problems as others do (like they can't get up and walk etc). Back to the turkeys though. The parents are free range. I incubated a bit differently with the...
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    poult hatchlings and 'flip' over

    How do hatcheries manage the flipping that seems so common in turkey hatchlings? When they fall over on their back, so frequently there are those who can't turn back over. I do wonder how hatcheries with hundreds if not thousands of poults manage this issue. Or do they not have the issue? (broad...
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    large gallbladder issue, white droppings in 1 wk. turkey poult.

    A turkey poult from a feed store had white droppings. It died. Upon inspection, I found the gallbladder was HUGE. Googling revealed white poops can be caused by a blocked bile duct. Any experience with this and the cause? It was one week old direct from feed store on half cracked corn and half...
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    What kind of chickens are these?

    You put a lot into this answer. Gosh. Thanks. I'm satisfied enough to know that I guess I was not so dumb after all since I too could not figure out what they were! Anyway, they are worthless as far as I'm concerned given age and no eggs/crowing. Thanks so much for all the input. I don't want to...
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    What kind of chickens are these?

    I tried finding them on their web site and I couldn't figure it out. I had emailed her back in March when I was getting the chicks as to where they came from. copy/pasted is what she said. "I ordered an egg assortment from a hatchery in Ohio. They give you a list of what you could get—RR reds...
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    What kind of chickens are these?

    They are pure breeds and the eggs came from a hatchery. But I got the chicks from someone else. She bought the eggs of unknown breeds. Is the black hen (with some brownish streaks in neck) an Australorp? what about this rooster? Thanks.
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    Lost my genuine Dutch bantam rooster, sad

    Here is a picture of him and it does not do him justice. I don't show chickens, but he is originally out of someone's show stock. This info was in my notes: (from Mary Hoyt-Kristy and Jean) Someone may know this 'line'. So just asking you to cry with me! I do believe I know who took my little...
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    Oldest Cornish Cross?

    I know this is an old posting, but just found it. I was mocked on here for keeping them, but I did anyway. I sold a couple as adults and one was laying. The one I kept is 15 months old now. But as far as I know she has not laid eggs likely due to environment as in me moving a lot before settling...
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    Free ranging- not eating feed, is this okay?

    Those bugs are the most nutritious food they can eat.
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    Dutch Bantams Breed Thread

    My Cream Light Brown Dutch Bantam
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    How do you make cornish crosses?

    BINGO. You said cornish cross are not purebred chickens. And neither were chihuahuas, quarter horses, percherons or any other animal at the start of their breeds. So does that make you ponder?
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    How do you make cornish crosses?

    They do not breed true? I have read this before. But to me it makes no sense. You breed a small dog to a small dog and you get a ....small dog. You breed a stocky muscled horse to a stocky muscled horse and you get a ...stocky muscled horse. Of course there are some genetic issues with...
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    Comment by 'primal woman' in album 'Default'

    I have a hen that has the brown like that and my other hen had larger brown laces. Did you still want a dark cornish rooster? I have one for you.
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