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    Finally posting here

    Hello, been on a few months never posted here. I live in MI recently got a milk cow named rose, 2 bunnies Bruce and rosie, 2 peacocks named Harry and Lloyd 🤣, a flock of chickens, a couple geese, 4 dogs, 3 leapord geckos,1 cat and partridge in a pear tree...oh yes planting those too along with...
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    Feedback for winter

    My peafowl are 5 months old they have been in a pen outside. They have a perch and an old kids playhouse turned into a place to go in when it rains. Since its getting colder here in MI, we set up a place in our barn. I am still not ready for them to free range because we are surrounded by woods...
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    Help sexing 3months old

    Black shoulder shows feathers around my chickens. Would like help on identifying what they are. Thanks for the help any tips appreciated. New to this, I've always wanted peafowl.
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    Help with color/pattern/sex of 3-month-olds

    I wish I could get to hold mine like that. They are afraid of me:(
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