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    rest before piecing out?

    Mine are parted out when I butcher. They then rest in a cooler for a couple days and after that, it's into vacuum bags then the freezer.
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    another 'how much feed' question

    In my experience, you will feed them some where around 300 lbs of feed.
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    Bleach or No Bleach?

    I bleach and rinse almost everything before butchering. But, I can't even imagine putting bleach in cooling water. Part of the idea of raising chickens is getting away from chemicals. Use standard hygiene common sense and you'll be fine.
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    For those of you that butcher CX at 8 weeks....

    I don't weigh my birds so I can't answer your question.
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    For those of you that butcher CX at 8 weeks....

    About 300 pounds of 20% for 25 birds, fed 24/7.
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    Tips for the beginer meatie raiser

    Freedom Rangers do NOT mature in 8 weeks. In my experience, it's closer to 12 weeks, and there is significant variability in their weights. Call me crazy, but starting the chicks is really easy. Do you have access to a feed store? If not, you can certainly order online. You really only need a...
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    Tips for the beginer meatie raiser

    It's not hard, so don't sweat it too much. It's easy to get over whelmed so maybe it'll help to think of this as 3 different processes: 1) Chick arrival to moving to coop; (2) Raising them in the coop and (3) butchering. Each process has different needs. The baby chicks need a confined space...
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    Freedom rangers?

    I've raised about 75 or 100 FR's. I've raised about the same amount of X-rocks. I prefer x-rocks over FR's because x-rocks grow bigger and quicker on less feed and they tend to mature about the same time.
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    What to wrap them in

    I let my "rest" in a large cooler filled with bags of ice. I do NOT put the birds in anything while they are resting. Personally, I am afraid of using a garbage bag because they are not manufactured to come in contact with food.
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    Join them or separate them???

    Separate is best.
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    Shrink Bags

    Remember, what you package your birds with is in contact with what you eat. I would only use food grade plastic for bagging my birds.
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    How do you bag your meat birds?

    I've been wondering about using butcher paper. Has anyone tried it?
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    How do you bag your meat birds?

    I quarter my chickens into thighs, legs and wings. They are then placed into vacuum bags that are cut to fit the different parts.
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    Blood and Feathers

    I let them rest for a couple days then vacuum seal 'em. In the past, I put them in the fridge for resting but my last batch I put in a LARGE cooler in garage covered with ice. It worked OK but even though I drained the water several times a day, chickens on the bottom got water logged. I'm...
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    Blood and Feathers

    It all depends on where you live. I leave the blood and feathers where they drop. Chickens and dogs eat the blood and I the feathers eventually disappear. There really isn't that much blood, even with 25 chickens. If you don't want to leave the feathers just rake 'em up in a bag.
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