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    vinegar ?

    Thanks so much for the input. I had read about the vinegar but wasn't quite sure about newborns. This is my first ever hatching and it has been one crazy thing after another. Humidity problems, electricity outage,temperature control problems.We're really surprised that this one little fellow has...
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    vinegar ?

    Do you put vinegar in newborn chicks water?
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    petrified in missouri

    the eggs were a mixture of buff orp. ,silkie ,and rhode island reds. i feel so sick.. just want to cry. this was my first attempt at this and have been like a mother hen myself.
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    petrified in missouri

    I have a horrible problem this morning. Last night the storm took out our power. We had to get a generator to plug the incubator back in. It was down for an hour more or less. The temperature dropped to 55. It ran with the generator for several hours until the power came back on and we...
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    information on egg carton incubation

    Good morning and also a Happy Valentines Day to all ! I was reading somewhere about incubating eggs in an egg carton. Can anyone tell me about this method and what procedures you are supposed to follow? Is this a good method ? If you are using an incubator with a turner you would still have to...
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    some crazy questions about hatching eggs !

    thanks so much for the information. I think I am just as confused as the silkie. don't know what to do or which way to go.. i had thought about isolating her though. if i do will she get upset about being away from the others?
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    Does anyone use a turner.....

    thanks so much for this information and for the article to read . i'm very nervous and excited to try this. sounds so wonderful to read all the stories and see the pictures everyone posts about their eggs and little babies.
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    Does anyone use a turner.....

    oh boy, i didn't know anything about turning the eggs before hatching or incubating. If I have a bunch of eggs that I have not turned or moved about for several days, will they still be ok to try and hatch?
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    some crazy questions about hatching eggs !

    I know I can find out the answers if I ask you all so I just have to take the plunge and forget about seeming totally illiterate. I have been wondering if the eggs get cold after the chickens lay them if it affects them hatching. Our chickens are not in a heated area and it has been quite cold...
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    Heres another rooster we are not about!!!

    ok don't laugh. I'm new at this but still want to ask. what do you think a chicken would look like if the mother was a white sultan silkie and the father was a black cochin? my husband says they would look like the mother but i'm seeing on here with the rooster in question that the offspring...
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    'Fresh Egg' signs, recycled materials, feedback please?

    great way to re-cycle. the signs look great! good luck with your endeavor.
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    Anyone Collect Antiques? (Pics)

    Lot's of nice collecting going on. I have lots of different things. Butter churns, hurricane lamps,crocks,rug beaters,wash boards etc... Had to get rid of some things when we moved from our home in town to the farm. No place to go with it , and no storage. The house in town had a nice attic and...
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    Hen-on-nest dishes

    oh wow! what a nice collection and so nicely displayed. now i'll be on the lookout for those dishes.
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    ((Serious Gardening))

    I love gardening too! Cant wait to get my hands back into the dirt. (Right now it is still covered with 2 foot of snow.) Going to be awhile. I have gone through my seeds and made my list of things I"m going to plant. Of course, as I see different seeds I always end up adding other things. I...
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    Starter Feed - But Anything Else? Also a Question About Roosters

    I have 14 chickens. 3 of them are roosters. 1 a buff orpington, 1 a black cochin,1 a bantam rose comb. they have been together since a few weeks old. the bantam and the cochin fought a couple of times but the buff steps in between them and breaks it up. a really funny sight. its as if he is...
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