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    Welsummer's wanted in PA

    I have a small flock of 8 birds. At one point was a dozen. Have had them for a few years and its time to add to the group. I am really interested in getting some Welsummer's. My kids would really like to hatch some eggs but I also want some mature birds. My oldest will be of 4H age next...
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    Still no babies from Meyer today

    Got my chicks last year from Meyer. Great experience...very friendly and good customer service. I am curious as to why anyone would order from My Pet Chicken? Why wouldnt you just go straight to Meyers which is where MPC gets their chics??
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    What hens are great egg layers?

    I have leghorns and they do lay well...but depending on your setup...they are not the friendliest group. I would say stick to Red stars(sex links), RIR, and Barred Rocks. I like the color of a RIR egg better than the BR pinks but my BR have done great all winter long.
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    How to tell who is laying what!?

    This lipstick thing might be the greatest idea I have ever heard on BYC. Simply brilliant.
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    Who is getting chicks January 21st from Ideal-poultry???????????

    Cambellshatchery, I must know. What on God's green earth are you going to do/planning to do with 145 chickens!
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    How to tell who is laying what!?

    OK...our hens have been laying since July. I think I have an idea of who lays what eggs but I am not completely sure. Here is the lineup. 3 Brown Leghorns. They are easy...these are the only white egg layers we have. The rest of our eggs vary from pink to brown to brown with some speckles...
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    Changes that boosted winter egg production from 1 to 6 per day

    Mine are only 9 months old and I have heard conflicting stories on molting prior to one year of age. I do not believe mine went through a full molt. However there were lots of feathers in the coop and about 4 hens were missing almost all of their neck feathers. I just assume thats what was...
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    Changes that boosted winter egg production from 1 to 6 per day

    My egg production was cut to absolutely nothing in November. A few of the hens were going through a mild winter molt...but all of the others were fine. 2 weeks ago I added a light in the coop that gives them 14 hours of "daylight". I am now getting 4 or 5 eggs a day. It really is amazing how...
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    Welsummer eggs and candling?

    This spring I want to add some Welsummers to our flock. I think these birds are really cool looking and the eggs are beautiful. Couple questions. 1. I remember there was someone here on BYC that sold Welsummer eggs. Can anyone point me in that persons direction. 2. Can you candle Welsummer...
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    Help me get hens back on track

    About a month ago what little egg production we had (1 a day) completely shut down. We havent seen an egg for almost 3 or 4 weeks from any of our eight hens. 4 of the 8 look TERRIBLE. Neck feathers are all but gone and the coloration in their plumage is very dull and sickly looking. Their...
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    Missing neck feathers

    We have a small flock of 10 birds. 9 hens and 1 roo. All born this past March 2008. All have been healthy and layed great until about 2 weeks ago. Cold snap and much shorter sunlight days had me thinking that was the issue. Today my wife noticed that two hens were missing most of the...
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    Question on this rooster?

    It is an EE. Sending my nasty, aggressive Buff Orp roo to get "trained" (i.e. - a butt whoopping) from 8 other roosters.
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    Question on this rooster?

    A friend and I are swapping roosters. This is the one I will be receiving. Any idea what breed he is? Might be a hybrid or a nothing at all. Just looking for thoughts. He is the one on the right...reddish with white tail.
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    Rooster not crowing???

    Our roo didnt crow until 5 months old. He is a pretty laid back guy...I think they all differ.
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    Roosters Comb Folding Over

    I have a brown leghorn hen whose comb has been laid over ever since day one. Seems healthy and fine...I just assume its a poor genetic thing.
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