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    Sheep sale!

    Our Breeding Stock for 2020 Sheep Hog Island, (Virginia, USA) Critical Leicester Longwool, (British) Threatened Poultry Alsteirer (Austria) Ultra-Rare Bresse, ‘American’ (French) Rare Campine, Golden, (Belgium) Critical Crevecoeur, (French) Critical Dampiere (French) Ultra-Rare...
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    Virginia's Veteran Healing Farm - Seagrave-Williams Farm, llc.

    Please check us out and get your Spring 2020 order in soon [email protected]
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    La fleche

    No longer do they have them
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    La fleche

    Do you have a trio you could ship us we are a veteran's healing farm and desire to raise a flock of these...
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    Mr. Ronald Seagrave - Seagrave & Williams Farm, a Veteran's Healing Farm

    We're just in our 2nd year of developing a non-profit Veterans Healing Farm on our 28 acre site hear in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, we already have small flocks of rare Nankin, Campine, Old English Game Chickens and a moderate flocks of both Buff Orpingtons & Dominiques as our basic egg source...
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    Rare Breeds

    Anyone have La Flèche chickens available?
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