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    How to feed my chickens on a budget? Issues with roosters?

    Have you considered fermenting? It almost doubles in size (so you are doubling your feed) and the protein is more easily accessed by their bodies. My girls love fermented feed. And I agree. Lose some roos.
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    Chicken math prevailed!

    Abandon TSC!!! Find a locally owned feed store where they know what they are selling you plus the bonus of shopping a small business!!! (Please notice I do NOT negate chicken math, as my husband and I (2 people) could never eat enough eggs that over 35 hens + the eggs that are in the incubator...
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    They're scared but keep following me(Cockerels)

    My Roo is a bantam frizzle and he does just fine with full size girls. ALL my eggs are fertilized!
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    They're scared but keep following me(Cockerels)

    I would guess that @analyticalblonde 's concern is for your hens. Not competition between the cockrells. I have about 30 girls and one roo and my girls are STILL tired. The Roos can actually kill your girls if the ratio is off.
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    What is Your Favorite Word to Describe Your Flock?

    I'm a beekeeper also and both my hen and my bees are "the girls" or "my girls". But when it's time for a treat while free ranging I call out "Heeerrreeeee Biddy, biddy, biiiddddyyyyy"! It works!!
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    What Chicken Breeds do you Dislike & Why?

    Wyandottes. Silver Laced. Red Blue Laced. Golden Laced. They're beauriful, but mean to the other birds .Skittish. Just unpleasant girl2.
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    What Chicken Breeds do you Dislike & Why?

    My polish, Alberta Einstein, is the friendliest girl I have! She's dumb as a box of rocks! But she adores being held and loved on! She's teeny. Barely bigger than a pidgeon.
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    Why are people so weird?

    Nope!! No carton. No eggs!! I have chickens because they bring me joy (eggs are cheap to buy). They make me laugh every single day. And that is priceless. We could never eat all the eggs we get and it makes US happy to give our eggs away. But they better bring me a dang carton!
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    ~The Sapphire Gem~ A Breed's Chat Thread

    Aren't they sexlinks?
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