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    Racing Acres My name is Shay my family and I live on a farm in Franklinville, NY. I am married to a professional driver (i.e. truck driver or as he prefers "gear jammer") Jay, and we have 2 beautiful daughters, Maddy (7) and Ashlyn Chevelle (1). We recently bought a 10 acre hobby farm which we...
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    What Breed am I ? Feather Footed Chicks...

    Quote: That's too funny, I have to drive through Chaffee everyday when I'm headed to work.
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    What Breed am I ? Feather Footed Chicks...

    I love mixes, its so much fun to see what you have in the end!
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    What Breed am I ? Feather Footed Chicks...

    One of my husband's friends has a wife that works in a nursing home. For easter they decided to hatch some eggs donated to them by a local farmer. Since they aren't allowed to keep the chickens at the nursing home they donated the chicks to me. Only problem is I don't have any idea what they...
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    the Infertility club

    Hi, I too suffer from the big IF... I'm 28 and tried for 2.5 yrs for Ash and have been trying for 2 yrs for #3.
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    Anyone else struggling with Infertility?

    I am so sorry I hope this time is much quicker for you!!!
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    Here they are my baby chicks!!

    They are adorable!!!!
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    DAy 20 of Incubation!!!!! We are Nervous ,,,1St time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is definately important during hatching. I would run out and get one if possible.
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    Hen not laying for tom?

    **Update** Finally got the net over my enclosure yesterday (in the midst of rain and mid 30's temps, yuck!). And wouldn't you know it first thing this morning I saw the tom get ahold of my stubborn hen. So it was just a matter of time
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    Bronze Hens

    This is one of my bronze hens. She may be mixed with a little Eastern wild though, she was given to me by my husband's uncle so I didn't have much info on the poults when I got them.
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    Advice on letting shipped eggs.."rest"

    I have always let mine rest for 8-12 hours in an egg carton large end up.
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    Hen not laying for tom?

    Western PA isn't too far from me so your girls should be right behind. Are you close to the lake? I've noticed that the closer you get to Lake Erie the cooler it is. While it was 65 here all last week it was around 53 in Buffalo. Maybe it still being cooler is causing your girls to not want to...
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    How many eggs will she lay before she decides to sit on the eggs ?

    If my hens would get their act in gear, I would love to let them go broody. Let them each hatch a clutch and be done with it for the season. The rest of the season's eggs would be breakfast, yum! Unfortunately we have other breeding issues going on so that's not in the cards for me right now.
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    Hen not laying for tom?

    I have and assuming the bullseye would look similar to a chicken's it is not fertile.
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    Look what I was given today!

    I have a hen that looks just like the bottom pick of your hen. If you figure out what she is let me know (This is my girl)
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