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    Too late?

    I have 26 week old roos that won't sell and they are eating so darn much so I was curious if 26 weeks is "too late" as in the meat will be very tough and inedible. They are mostly Ameraucanas, with one olive Egger. Not much meat on them but not sure what else to do with them as I don't have the...
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    Hen has trouble walking

    Not bumblefoot. Checked that ages ago and keep checking. Everything looks fairly normal. She is a very healthy bird despite her difficulties, and a happy one too. She doesn't look like a Mareks chicken to me, doesn't walk like one or act like one. But I am inexperienced in Mereks. Perhaps she...
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    something is going on, not sure what, help me figure this out please.

    You got a broody on your hands! Lol! They puff up to make themselves look bigger and make that noise to try and intimidate you to protect their eggs(even if they are hatching invisible ones)
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    Hen has trouble walking

    Hello all, I have a 1.5 year ameraucana hen that for the past summer has difficulty walking. I raised her and her Wheaten flock mates since they were day olds, and once she hit maturity she seemed to lie down a lot. I didn't think much of it, I thought she was just being a lAzygirl, as she...
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    Male or female Buff Orpington

    Looks like a boy to me!
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    What kind of Bantams are these?

    Columbia Wyandotte bantam Mottled Japanese bantam
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    What breeds are these?

    The two in the first pictures I cant find a purebred breed for. Perhaps OEGB cross of some sort The white one(s) is a white Japanese bantam (3rd and 4th pic) For the buffs I would almost say a sebright cross
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    Pullet or roo?! 6.5 week old speckled sussex.

    Sorry, I still think ya got a roo there :(
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    New baby! Any idea on the breed of this pretty girl?

    Very cute. I breed Wheaten Ameraucanas and from the pic it almost looks like one of my chicks. What color legs, and what kind of comb?
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    Pullet or roo?! 6.5 week old speckled sussex.

    With that size of comb and thick legs, i would say roo for sure
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    Silkie/d'uccle cross chicklettes--gender?

    The redder one is 100% roo
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    Breed identification help

    1st- Looks like a Langshan 2nd- Unsure on this one. My first thought would be Black Copper Maran rooster but the earlobe color is wrong. Maybe a mix 3rd- What color legs does she have?
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    Breed and gender please

    The one on the right is 100% rooster The one on the left is giving me second thoughts as it has very small dainty legs for a female but the comb is very big for a pullet They both look like they have leghorn in them
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    What is the colour of these young cockerels ??

    They are very handsome birds 1st- I believe it is "Crele" but could also be a Golden Cuckoo 2nd- Slightly looks like a black tailed buff, but I am not sure 3rd- Black breasted red
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    Help Do you know what breed I am???

    I am also going to say White Plymouth Rock
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