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    Pheasants with pigeons?

    Pictures of the pigeons? I have pictures of them. This website isn’t exactly iPhone friendly. Lol I’ve raised peafowl for about 5 years now, but I’ve never had pigeons in with them. They’ve had pens side by side and haven’t shown any aggression.
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    Pheasants with pigeons?

    Has anyone kept pheasants with pigeons? I’m looking at buying a pair of Lady Amherst’s. I wanted to know if it would be advisable to house them with pigeons? Their inside housing would be 5ftx8ft and the outside pen 10ftx20ft. There’s only 5 pigeons in the pen at the moment. The pigeons are...
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    Pomeranian pouter pigeons

    I have 2 proven breeder pairs of Pomeranian pouters. I’m wanting to sell both pairs together. There’s a cream & white pair and black & white pair. Both pairs are exceptionally beautiful and flawless. I’m asking $300 for both pairs and shipping/box is included. I’d consider selling the pairs...
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    Electric poultry fencing

    Thank you! I’ll definitely have to look into the gate. That never crossed my mind on how I’d get into the pen. Lol
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    Electric poultry fencing

    Thank you all for the replies! Forgot to mention in my first post. The geese will be housed in a 8x12 shed and have a 15x25 wire fenced yard. They'll stay in there while we’re away from home. We have the typical predators here. Opossums, raccoons, stray cats and dogs are the biggest problem...
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    Electric poultry fencing

    Hello y’all. First time I’ve posted on here for a while. I have previous experience in waterfowl, but sold out to focus on my peafowl. But I’ve been missing my geese and I’ve decided to add a few of them. I have a few Buff saddleback Pomeranians goslings coming next month and I also have a...
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    Large fowl Cochin trio (frizzle)

    I have a trio of LF Cochins for sale. There's a frizzle black pullet, smooth blue pullet and smooth black cockerel. Will not separate.. Sold as a trio only. I bought them from Jamie Matts, so these are quality birds! Big and beautiful! They are 6 months old and still have a lot of filling out to...
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    Frillback pigeons for sale

    I have 10 frillback pigeons for sale! 5 pairs (5 male and 5 females) Colors include: Red, Yellow, Grey, White, Lavender, and black. There's also a squab that they are all raising that I'll include for free. I'm only selling them as a group for $300. Shipping is available. I have a swan size...
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    Blue Paint Silkie Project Flock for sale

    Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at my listing! I regretfully am selling all Poultry except for the laying flock. So my loss is your gain! They were born in January. I have for sale A flock of Blue Paint Silkies. There are 14 of them. About half of them are Cockerels and the other...
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    ~*~Call Ducks for Sale/Trade~*~

    Yes they are still available. Please PM me with what you have to trade and we can work that out. I live in Shumway, IL 62461 and I will not ship. Sorry.
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    post a pic of your FAVORITE guinea you have!

    My favorite guinea would have to be a dead one at the moment.. I had a Guinea escape out of the pen and he is up on the roof making a bunch of noise. I can't catch him or he would be put back in the pen. I did have a picture but it wouldn't upload.. :/
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    Da' Cute and Cuddly Call Duck thread!

    Awwww! What a little darling! Here's a video I took of my Call duck flock when it snowed last weekend.
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    ~*~Call Ducks for Sale/Trade~*~

    Sorry I haven't responded sooner! I do not ship, Sorry.. I do have someone interested in a couple of them but time will tell if they contact me back. cmhamp - It depends on what you have to trade.
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    WHAT?!? What noise! ;) How could you not want a Duck? :o) They can be messy.. Mine have turned their pens into mud pits. They all looked like Mud Ducks when I put them inside for the night.
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