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    Chicken House Plan, Cheap, Good Looking, Predator Proof, Not Stinky

    Quote: I think that raising a cat along with the chickens is a good idea in some areas. It would not work in my area because I have a lot of racoons. This is why I OMITTED the cat door. I live in a warm area as well, this is why I ADDED more ventilation. You don't have to be the brightest...
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    What to do with roosters?

    Quote: Comparing a chicken with a human? Forgive me, but this is not even in the same ball park. The animal deserves to be taken out of the gene pool, a chicken that has seizures is not like a little girl that has epilepsy.
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    What to do with roosters?

    I hope that I can speak frankly without upsetting you, or ruffling your feathers. Those chicks that you have grown so fond of need to be removed from the gene pool because they have extremely undesirable traits to pass on. Since jungle fowl, man has been trying to improve chickens. This is...
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    I may, just MAY, have too many chickens! Eggs overload!

    Quote: Farming is a business plan to me. Out with the old and in with the new. If something does not make economic sense, it is just a matter of time before your pocket book catches up with your emotions.
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    Older and Younger Chickens? Which Should I Get?

    Quote: No, this is not a good plan. The older chickens will kill the chicks...unless they have a momma to protect them.
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    Keeping the water clean

    Clean it out with bleach and a toilet bowl scrubber every other third Saturday.
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    Chicken House Plan, Cheap, Good Looking, Predator Proof, Not Stinky

    Quote: No chicken door, hens are always 'confined'. They have plenty of room. For years I had a traditional coop with a small house with an attached run. To be quite frank, chicken yards no matter how large become a patch of bare dirt with feathers that are an eye sore. I also do not keep...
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    Is there anything my chicken's SHOULDN'T have?

    When I was a boy, we use a farming practice we called "mowing down". We would plant 20 or so acres to corn to be mowed down. When it was mature we would let the steers out to mow it down. They would break the corn down, eat the leaves and ears, then we would let the hogs out, the hogs would...
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    Making your winter feed now: silage

    Its a good article, thanks
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    Mealworm farming

    Get a bug zapper for crying out loud. You will get more bugs in a night than your little worm factory will make in a month. C'mon now...leave it to a hillbilly to figure it out for you.
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    styrofoam...a treat or not?

    They are lacking something from their diet. My guess is that they need MORE calcium.
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    Anyone Grind Their Own Oyster Shells?

    I would dig a hole in the ground and place a scoop of gravel down there and a good size round from a tough tree (Oak or whatever). If the top of the stump were about a foot deep or so that would seem about right. Then I would take my steel tamping rod and crush the shells down on top of the...
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    Grit for chickens that are part-time free rangers?

    Quote: You need to get them on a layer ration soon. Buy a bag and mix whatever starter you have with it, and buy a bag of grit and oyster shells, scratch grains and mix them in at this time as well. I go 1 50 pound bag of oyster shells, 1 25 pound bag of grit, 1 bag of scratch, and four 50...
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    Chicken House Plan, Cheap, Good Looking, Predator Proof, Not Stinky

    I modeled my chicken house almost directly from this plan several years ago. I will post pictures of my actual coop in the near future. There were several problems I was trying to get around and this coop delivered me from every one of them. It is the best chicken house plan I have ever used...
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    snapping turtles

    Don't know where you live, but the turtle thing is fairly unlikely given the time of year and the fact that turtles are probably hibernating in most of the country. If they are out they are not moving very fast. It is far more likely that a wild animal took the birds and ate them in...
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