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    Do They HAVE to Roost??

    How old are they? It seems common for them to pile up when they are still somewhat young. Mine did that when they first moved from the brooder to the coop, after a few weeks they started using the perch.
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    Confused chickens about the dark

    My thought would be that maybe it is too hot in the coop with that light in there....250 watts is a lot of heat.
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    7 months old still NO EGGS?

    My guess would be that stress is the cause for the delay. They've had a move, a predator attack, a flock mate died of stress, they've been separated from the flock into a new pen....sounds pretty stressful.
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    What Do You Think Of Barred Plymouth Rocks?

    I love my Barred Rock. I originally had two, but one of them would insist on being a boy so off he went to live in the country. My BR seems to be the top hen in my flock of 3, but she is very sweet. She was actually the last to start laying, the other 2 are Red Stars, and her eggs are still...
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    Anyone else have issues with plastic waterer not locking?

    Quote: I don't keep food or water in the coop. The "coop" where they sleep is up a ramp within the fully enclosed outer coop/run. I am able to keep the pop door open, so in the morning they come down the ramp and have access to the food and water, once I open the outer door they can head out...
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    Anyone else have issues with plastic waterer not locking?

    Is it the kind where you put the lid (actually the bottom) on and turn it a bit so it slides over the tabs on the water container? I have that kind, and I know you are only supposed to turn it a little way, not try to get it to cover the whole tab. I keep mine in the enclosed run, not in the...
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    Need help with this please (moved to Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying)

    I have no answer for you, but am bumping your post in hopes someone can help. Maybe you should also post in the Egg Laying forum?
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    My poor lawn :(

    I'm right there with you. Our 3 ladies used to have access to the hubby even rigged the run fencing to be moveable so they could be on one area for 2 weeks then get moved. But after a few months of just munching nicely here and there, they began digging massive holes, completely...
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    Tonight was the first time I had to shoot one of my chickens.

    Quote: No the idea is to not do both at the same time. Have a time set up for free range for the birds while the kids are at a friends house or inside napping or watching cartoons. When they want to play outside you put the chickens up. It's that simple. okay then explain to me how you put...
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    free choice or rations for free ranging ??

    Mine free range all day, unless I won't be home (and then boy, do I hear about it from them!). They have free access to layer crumbles all day. They wander in and out all day, mostly out in the grass, but they do go in for drinks of water and to have some feed. They do not go through much...
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    Help with Avocado!!

    Am I the only one thinking "Avocados are expensive! Why would you waste them on chickens????"
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    loud boks, then hoarse

    I posted about a similar problem with my BR this week. She made quite a fuss over laying her first egg, very loudly, for a very long time. She lost her voice for about 4 or 5 days. It's only just coming back. So, I guess it can happen.
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