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    to move or not to move

    I have done a few hatchings and had pretty good results,but now one of the girls has decidedto go old scholl problem is the laying box she has picked out requires a couple of three foot jumps to get to, I have a nice brood box from my hatchings,should I moveher and her eggs to it?
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    I candled my eggs!

    i have all brown egg layers,never see any movement with my candler dark mass and air sack equals chicks!
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    bator temps

    I have a home made bator that im oh so proud of but my thermostat wont give me just what i want,I have tweeked and tweeked and it seems that 97 to 99 or 99 to 102 are my options which would be best?
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    cold eggs

    I thought I would set a few eggs this week and get a jump on next summers egg harvest. But I may have a problem,my girls are mid morning layers I leave for work before light, by the time I get home my eggs have been sitting for several hours, with temps as low as the mid 40"s,will these eggs...
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    double yolks

    I have two red star hens in my small flock, they started laying in Sept.Since then one of them has been laying a huge double yolk egg about once every three weeks, Is this just an anomaly in nature or is this a trait I could breed for ?
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    double yolks

    I have two young red star hens in my small flock, they started laying in late Sept. Since then one of them is laying a beautiful very large double yolk egg about once every three weeks is this just an anomaly of nature or is this a trait i could breed for?
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    best guess anyone

    one of my first hens is a small little black girl with slight orange highlights on her neck and black leggs. I have had her since march and I dont think she has missed a day of laying a large off white egg since I got her, any thoughts on her breed ?
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    winter feed

    I live on Marylands eastern shore winters are moderate but snow and freezing temps are to be expected. All year I have fed my small flock a mixture two parts layer crumb,one part scratch with good results. egg production is still high. if and when should I change their feed for winter and to what
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    I have 1 Australorp,2 White Plymouth Rock,2 Red Star and ! Brown Leghorn hens and George A large New Hampshire Red Rooster,who takes looking after his girls very seriously.My question is what characteristics can I expect from my chicks,Do they generally take more of moms traits or dads
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    Calling all experienced backyard chicken folks

    I started out with a few adult hens of unknown breed, the have been great egg producers and loads of fun, so last spring i purchased a few chicks red stars and brown leg horns they are now 6 months old the lady atthe farm store says they should be laying by now, they are beautiful but no...
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    Hello everyone,I love this sight and all the help i have gotten, My next dilemma when and how can i sex my hatch
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    Hello new flock keeper on Marylands Eastern Shore

    hi there joyst salisbury here, I have redstar and brown leghorns how about you
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    Hello new flock keeper on Marylands Eastern Shore

    im taking my first stab at incubating,i dont have the best light but when candeling my brown eggs at day 14 i have two eggs that just light up i assume they just are not fertile, my other eggs all i can see is basicly a dark mass, the mass does seem to be growing,but im not sure if it is a live...
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    new kjd on the block

    I'm new at this backyard chicken thing but having lots of fun learning as I go.Can someone tell me how to store and how long i can store my fertile eggs before incubating
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