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    I wonder if your hen is egg bound? Sorry, I can't give any advise except to say read some of the articles on here to see what the symptoms are and what can be done. Good luck.
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    Any Breeds not so apt to pluck and eat feathers?

    I've always wanted the Buff Orpingtons so I will give them a try. I have a big coop and a 10' x 30' run. I also let them free range in the late afternoon. Thanks for the information!
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    My Hen just laid this. Is something wrong?

    Ouch! Sorry I can't tell you if anything is wrong. Is the shell firm or soft? It will be interesting to see what the experts say. Thanks for sharing. I will be following.
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    Finally Joined!

    Hello and welcome! Where are you from?
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    Any Breeds not so apt to pluck and eat feathers?

    I have read a lot of forums here on feather eating and the different methods of curing this problem. I currently have 6 RIRs that are nice reliable hens but I can't stand looking at the poor things. They are getting naked. Not the pretty chicks they used to be. I have tried many of the...
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    Candling Brown eggs help

    Thank you. That is what I am trying to determine. I think I just need to get a stronger candle.
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    Candling Brown eggs help

    Thanks but I don't want to set eggs. I don't even have a rooster. I just want to be able to sell eggs that don't have the red/brown specks in them. I guess I didn't make myself clear. Can candling tell if the eggs have the spots or is it just for fertility? I appreciate your advice because...
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    Candling Brown eggs help

    I know it is probably an old topic here. I have read most of the posts on the threads but I still have a questions. I have RIRs and I want to start selling eggs. I have bought a candle from a feed store but don't really see much. When you candle eggs are you looking for blood spots or are...
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    Comment by 'Teena Marie' in item 'Plastic Nesting Box'

    I used the deep litter method and really don't want the straw mixed in with the shaving on the floor. I just like a lot of shavings in the box. There is still enough so that I don't have damage to the eggs. If I put a piece of plywood on the front I think I would loose that easy clean up...
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    Review by '' on item 'Plastic Nesting Box'

    Basically a nice design. Since they are easily removed from the wall, they appear to be easily cleaned with a garden hose if need be. Our wooden nest box fell apart and the hens didn't blink an eye with these new boxes. My only concern is that the front edge of the actual box is a little too...
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    Boys VS Girls

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