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    Silkied Serama

    A closer picture of the ? Silkie feathers :)
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    Silkied Serama

    I am new to serama's having kept polish and still do, I have a trio of last years birds and have just hatched 4 babies :) and to my shock out if 4 little ones it appears I have to silkied serama's, all parents are straight feathered so it was very unexpected :) I'm now really excited to see how...
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    What colour would my frizzle polish cockeral be classed as??

    Hiya thankyou for your reply, I do not show birds, so I dont mind him not being show standard, I love his colouring, really unusual..what colour hen would be the best to get him, to hatch out lovely coloured chicks?? I have a splash and a chamois with him at the minute. Many thanks for all your help
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    What colour would my frizzle polish cockeral be classed as??

    Hello everyone, I have been away for a while, what with a new baby and all.... Here is a picture of my frizzle polish cockeral I purchased last year.. But what colour would he be classed as?? Thankyou in advance
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    EE contest! ending september 27th OR there are 20 entries

    This is Maple She is 12 weeks old She spends her day with one eye on finding bugs, and one eye on looking out for me (the human with food) Hmmmm how am I gonna get that juicy bug.. lets take 5 mins to decide.......
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    Coop cleaning when pregnant?

    When I found out I was pregnant I asked my midwife about cleaning out my chickens, and she said it is fine, just dont over do it.. I am now 35 weeks, and find everything a struggle so my youngest child who is 10 yeah yeah I know a big gap helps me out, well actually does most of it while I...
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    Breeding TRUE polish chicks

    Quote: Hiya, no I dont plan on doing it, I have them up for sale as day old chicks, as I am not keeping them, I hatched the mum out of pure polish eggs purchased from ebay, and ended up polish x chicks that hatched, and I am not keeping her either, my mother is having her, but just before she...
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    Breeding TRUE polish chicks

    Ahh see I thought so, but wanted to make sure before I say 'actually they wont' I figured it would take alot more breeding than just one generation to be sure to get a good standard of polish..........Thanks alot for your help
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    Breeding TRUE polish chicks

    I was just wondering.. My polish X has just hatched 14 chicks, the daddy is a pure polish cockeral... the chicks are 3/4 polish and 1/4 other.. if the chicks where to be bred with another pure polish would their chicks be true polish?? Someone told me they would be but I am unsure.. Any info...
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    What breed is this ???

    wow never seen anything like it, looks like it has a turkey head.. Sorry I cannot help...
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    I was asked my opinion, I think both boys, what do you all think???

    Thanks everyone, it is rather obvious but no-one else thinks so... When it starts to crow they will then believe me lol Thanks again for your input
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