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    Mites... HELP!

    you need to clean and treat the coop urgently if you get a bad enough infestation it can actually kill your hens. Clean out the coop completely blast in all the cracks with a power washer if you have one and then spray with an anti mite spray in all the cracks. Not sure what you use in the US be...

    Please help - pecking getting worse

    I had to do a similar thing with one of my hens. She was attacking my other hens and pulling all the feathers out of their heads. I rehomed her with bigger hens with a friend of mine and she is now much happier and living happily with her new hens and my ones are getting some peace from the...

    Impacted Crop / Maggots, Waxworms or Pills? maggots really do work. Scroll down till you find imacted crop. We can get them in the UK from fishing shops. Sorry i dont know what wax worms are

    Club footed

    I have a hen with feet similar to this although not quiet as bad. I actually got her whilst she was a 12 week old chick and she staggers about rather than the usual chicken walk. She gets along fine with the problem she lays every day in summer and potters about with my little bantam hens. I got...

    What am I doing wrong?!? Feather picking is making me crazy!

    Sorry my thoughts would be the same as Chris my first check would be for red mites in your house or lice on your hens. 2nd thought how big is your run and is it boredom. It is just too much of a coincidence that both your flocks have had the same problem.

    Lethargic, Wobbly Hen

    if she was egg bound I would be surprised if she was still alive after four days. Is there any sign of respritory problems. Could she have worms. Have you checked your hen house for red mite.

    Sick chicken w/ gape worm!

    i dont think gape worm either its probably shock and stress which can kill chickens. I would ensure your cope is totally safe before whatever it was returns. I would keep your hen warm and calm make sure she is drinking and hope for the best.

    Injured Chicken, not walking! UPDATE: Standing better, but now fever?

    oh thats good news it sounds to me like she proably had a infection from the bites and with you giving the Tylan ab it has started to clear it up. Hope she makes a fully recovery as it sounds like she has had a difficult time.

    Have 2 roosters; 1 losing weight since put in same coop

    I agree the other rooster will be stopping him eating and drinking. I woud definitley separate them
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    My bloody mess......

    if it was me I would isolate her as hens are attracted to the colour red and could continue to peck her and damage her badly. I have a dog cage which I use for my sick girls. If you have a cat box would this fit inside your house.
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    Chicken keeping stinks right now!

    respritory infection if so you will need abs. Did you take your last hen to the vets Is there any chance you have red mite in your hen house.
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    Lathargic Chicken 20 weekss old

    an ab that does not effect eggs is Tylan in the UK dont know your rules in the US Is there any chance she has coccididous
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    She's probably molting

    I would try a couple of things have you tried taking out of the run the worst bully for a couple of days see if the others will let her settle in a bit then when you introduce the worst bully back in it could settle down. The other thing is put antipecking spray on your little girl. This worked...
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    its cold out side in south florida

    I have small pekins and last year it got as low as -10 and they coped fine. They seem to have more problems with intense heat than the cold.
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    Sick silkies/flock

    sounds like the new hens brought in a resp infection and really needs treating with abs
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