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    Duck is very slow and seems stunned

    I was on a trip this week, and I got back on Friday. I went to the barn and there was two dead ducks. I called my dad, who had been looking after them, and he said there hadn't been anything wrong on Thursday. We took them out of the pen, but than I noticed another problem. One other duck was...
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    Water bowl that only allows beak?

    Ok, but will -40 degree temperatures have any effect on it?
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    Water bowl that only allows beak?

    Ok, I have heard of them. I will check them out.
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    Water bowl that only allows beak?

    My rooster has frostbite on his comb and I am a little bit worried. One thing I read to do is make sure that chickens can only put there beak in the water, or else there comb will become wet and this can cause frostbite. I am going to try to get more ventilation in the coop. But my question is...
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    My ducks aren't laying - Help!

    My ducks aren't laying either. I would like to know why as well.
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    ^ Good articles
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    Chicken Behavior

    They'll be fine. The bantam and Beatrice will get used to each other. When my duck hatches ducklings, I always end up giving them to different people, and they get along fine.
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    Where are yo located? How many chickens do you have and is your coop insulated?
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    Comment by 'TheReadyBoys' in article 'Concord Cluckers Coop'

    Awesome! I love the way the chickens get to and from the coop! Very creative!
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    Simple nesting boxes?

    I was thinking about that. It's a good idea, too.
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    Simple nesting boxes?

    That's a good idea. I may look into that.
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    New member

    Welcome! Good luck with your chickens!
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    Simple nesting boxes?

    I just bought a few more hens yesterday and I need a quick and simple nesting box idea. I was thing something with a bucket or milk crate. Nothing fancy, just something I can make with some extra material I find around the barn. Thanks!
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    Comment by 'TheReadyBoys' in article 'Cedar Acres Coop!'

    Nice! I like your chickens, too!
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    Duck sitting on eggs only sometimes

    Yeah, well I already have 6 ducklings, so that's enough work, I guess.
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