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    I want to start free ranging but how?

    Whats the best way to do this?
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    I want to start free ranging but how?

    So I am still new to owning ducks. I live in a neighborhood and my house backs up to a huge pond and we have always had feral muscovy and an occasional mallard so I finally got the idea to start raising my own in the backyard (I did not take any from the wild fyi). Anyway now I have a handful of...
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    This is what I'm feeding. I have some brewers yeast on order but haven't gotten it in yet. We've only had the little guy about a week. The feed does have nician in it but maybe it's not enough.
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    I'm going to do my best to explain. I have a duckling that its "knees" stay bent when walking instead of straightening out. They arent pointed the wrong way or bowed in any way it just seems like hes not able to straighten them to walk properly. He just kinda stumbles around. Is this a niacin...
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    First timer help?!

    I got my first incubator yesterday and got 15 muscovy duck eggs to go in there today. The problem is the woman didn't know the exact day count since they were under momma. She told me they should hatch within a week or so. Since we don't know exactly when they will hatch, when should I stop the...
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    Hi! New here!

    hello 👋 I'm from AL and while I don't have chickens I have just started in the world of ducks!
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