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    Bourbon Red Turkey Eggs - Ontario

    1 dozen Bourbon Red turkey eggs, excellent fertility from beautiful healthy birds. Will ship anywhere in Canada.
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    cull humanley and easily

    I'm a real wuss when it comes to dispatching animals too, fortunately DH is okay with it so he usually takes care of things. But I needed a backup method for when he's not around. For chicks, I punched a hole in a sour cream container and put the chick in, then used an unlit propane torch and...
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    Gasping Chick

    Saw another similar post so I copy and pasted. What type of bird, age, weight Columbian Wyandotte, 2.5 wks slightly feathered What is the behavior, exactly In the corner by itself, puffed up, gasping for air. No sneezing or any other signs, just looking tired and gasping. How long has the...
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    Rooster lost his voice

    So I accosted him twice, I forgot the flashlight the first time. Couldn't find anything. Looked up gapeworm, symptoms fit exactly. Thanks for the heads up! I had better treat this guy asap because he's pretty darn important to me!
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    Rooster lost his voice

    Ah this should be an interesting procedure! I should hire DH to document with photographs to dig out the headlamp!
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    Rooster lost his voice

    I have a 2-3yr old SLW rooster who seems to have lost his voice recently. About two weeks after that happened he got into a spat with another rooster and he has been compulsively shaking his head since. I can't seem to see anything on his face that would be irritating him but I wonder if the...
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    Why would a broody hen make herself ill?

    Sounds like she is one you need to take care of. Block off that nest box or try moving her to her own cage where she can have some peace and quiet and her own feed/water.
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    Brinsea Octagon Opinions

    I'm looking to upgrade my incubators this year and would love to hear about anyone's opinions or experiences with the Brinsea Octagon bators! A friend has an R-Com Mini which does everything automatically and she has a 100% hatch rate. But it only holds 3 eggs. We need something bigger, but...
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    Canadian Bird Auctions

    Buy/Sell/Trade at Woodstock fairgrounds (Ontario) March 14th.
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    Looking for Ontario, Canada breeders

    Hi, I'm looking for breeders in Ontario that have Silver Laced Wyandottes or Buff Orpingtons. I'll be attending the show in Woodstock at the end of this month and would like to make some contacts and/or pick up some new breeding stock. Anyone have some suggestions as to who I could contact? Thanks!
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    Wanted: BO, SLW and Royal Palms (Ontario)

    I am looking for (as the title says) BO hens SLW hens Royal Palm hens Have some to trade Located in Ontario, Canada Thanks!
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    Royal Palm Turkey Tom Sale/Trade Ontario

    I have a 28wk old Royal Palm turkey for sale, he is in full feather and ready to breed. Would like to sell (price negotiable) or trade for Royal Palm hen or....? What do you have? Located in Midwestern Ontario, can meet at Woodstock show on the 30th or make other arrangements.
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    Canadian Breeder list

    journey's end : Where are you located? I'm looking for some bourbon red hatching eggs. I am in Ontario but will ship once they are laying again (January-February) keep in touch!
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    Canadian Breeder list

    Please add me! I have... White Call Ducks Buff Orpington's Bourbon Red's Royal Palm's I am looking for.... Silver Laced Wyandott's, more white call's and Buff Orpington Hens Thanks!
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    Selling birds, WWYD in this situation

    I did ask about transportation ahead of time and specified that I did NOT have any boxes available that were large enough. I was assured that they would have a large cage that fit into their vehicle. I described in detail the size of the birds so they would be fully prepared. So it came as a bit...
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