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    Why do they call it Black Friday?"

    They call it Black Friday 'cause your gonna be black from all the bruisess you get from all the crazed shoppers trying to get through the doors!
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    ♥~*~Twilighterz *Official* Thread~*~♥

    Favorite character: :Jacob Favorite saying in the books/movies : :im also gonna have to go with,you nicknamed my daughter after the Lochness(sp?) Monster?! Team (Edward or Jacob) : :JACOB!!!!!!!! Favorite book in the saga: :Breaking Dawn How you found out about Twilight: :My friends What...
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    The most Random thread in the WORLD! Thread :D

    Unicorns meat is a great source of sparkles !!!!!!!!
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    Would you rather... (#2)

    Beehive WYR-Squirt lemon juice in your eyes or get run over by a semi
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    You know it's time to clean house when.......

    ...when the mold moves out
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    Help me come up with a name

    what about Rayna? and sorry about Ryan
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    Commence the BYC "Beat Down!" "Vampires Suck!"

    I love love love the twilight series but i am dyin to see vampires suck,it looks hilarious
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    What would you do ? Game! (:

    I would put on a hat and go straight to the drug store to get some hair dye wwyd if a big meteor landed on your computer right now
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    The Wish Game

    Granted but the milk comes out as Mountain Dew I wish i was a princess
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    What would you do ? Game! (:

    i would scream "Jack help me!!!!!!!!!!!" WWYD if you turned into a banana
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    Any Metalheads out there?

    Metallica and Avengened Seven-fold are so awesome
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    Any Papa Roach fans?

    i like papa roach
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    Agree or disargee

    disagree, I am a figment of your imagination Love the Twilight saga
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    Does anyone have funny quirks about themselves like:

    i check behind the shower curtain to make sure there is no one there i hate odd numbers if i dont brush my teeth i cant stand it i cant stand it when a cat is in the house they freak me out i cant stand squeaky offense i have to have my feet under the covers i cant sleep with just a...
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