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    Auto sexed Spitzhauben? Teach us...

    Really? That is exciting! (S)he is developing red in the face, but zero comb or wattle development. Thank you for contributing!! V
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    Auto sexed Spitzhauben? Teach us...

    Hello all! Below is a picture of our 15 week old Spitzhauben “Cayenne Pepper”. Dad is a gold Spitzhauben. Mom is a silver Spitzhauben. we have read that offspring of this color combination produces a sex linked chick. Judging by the color, hes gold like dad, but he’s (?) not showing much in...
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    Rooster Triggers

    Crazy, crazy roosters. We currently have 8, and three of them go ballistic at an orange feed cup I sometimes use to fill feeders. Easy enough to switch to a blue one. The only guy I have repeat trouble with is a frizzled d'uccles, right at a year old. We made it through puberty with only a few...
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    Chick not using legs

    Chick a friend received (saved?) from a breeder today is not using its legs. Going to administer a vitamin B supplement, and scrambled eggs. This doesn't look like spraddle leg; looks to be pigeon toed and not trying to use its legs. Any help would be appreciated! It is a little awkward, as I...
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    Should I move them tonight?

    step 1: BREATHE! Ok, now. Hatch day is tomorrow and your hens are elevated? Move them now, tonight. Those babies can fall, and they're not built for it. Candle the eggs that may be mixed up. You might be able to see a difference in the eggs the hubs moved, but if you're looking at day 20 vs day...
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Howdy from Leicester, Tricia! What part of our fair state are you in? SAR, you say? Are you still involved, or looking to be again? Virginia
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    Omlet eglu.

    I would definitely give them extra run! The "silkie pen" has 4 standard size birds in it with the extended run, and they are at capacity. The coop can handle more, but not that run! -V
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    Stray Rooster and the Urban Homestead.

    Oh no, this story took a dramatic turn for the worse!
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    Sexing 5 month old silkies

    Oh neat, thanks for the update!
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    Chicken Farts

    Chickens fart? And burp? How have I never heard any of these emissions?! Seriously, with as fast as they gobble down food, treats, or small animals one would think that a dainty burp would follow, but noooo! We had a beagle that would sleep with her tail over her nose. Poor thing would rip one...
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    Chicken Breed Focus - Phoenix

    I received a Silver Duckwing Phoenix hen in a surprise box, and we decided to keep her. She lives in a mixed flock of much heavier birds, and spends a lot of time perching high. As she is only 5 months old and fall is on the way, do I need to start thinking about moving her into the garage, or...
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    Let me see your birds!!

    After a beak count (finally!) I have determined that we have 27 chickens now. I'm only going to allow myself to post one of them, though! This is Andromeda, the white phoenix. She is mostly blind, and loooooves to snuggle in my hair.
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    Cuckoo Silkie Gender

    I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm trying to get better at sexing silkies. So far I'm seeing a hen, but (s)he is really too young to tell. This little one has such crazy eyes! :lau:gig:lau
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    What breed are we

    Black Australorp looks to be #2.
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    Chicken jumping on my shoulder

    Do you have any idea how many people would kill (ok, maybe not kill) or buy a bird that will willingly sit on them? Way to go, you have a unicorn! She will absolutely peck your eyes, earrings, teeth, necklaces... anything shiny really. And freckles. Oh mercy, the freckles! May I humbly request...
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