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    Soda Pop bottle waterer

    The pop bottle waterers do work good for me also and they are even easier to use if you make a handle for the spring. See this thread which for some reason ended up in the turkey section.
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    Anyone eat Coturnix quail eggs?

    Also, you will come across quail egg scissors in fancy catalogues, but do not be fooled, these gimmicks are not for diy'ers like the good folks around here! I've been fooled again! Those gimmicks get me everytime! Check this out.
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    If you use fresh quail eggs

    shelleyd2008 writes: Where does it cut at? Would it work for boiled eggs or just fresh? It just takes a small slice off the top of the egg. It would be used just for opening fresh eggs. Here are a couple of photos of what you are left with which should tell the story.
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    If you use fresh quail eggs

    I found a blog entry while searching for quail info a lady uses a sharp knife to cut the blunt part off the egg and then the egg just pours right out She cuts it like cutting a slice off an apple. I plan to try it some day when im sickof hatching eggs ( that will ever happen lol)...
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    If you use fresh quail eggs

    this tool is a must have. The quail egg shell cutter. Just got it today, tried it out and it works great. Makes a nice clean cut without all those shell fragments I usually have when I open a quail egg. Got mine here: shell cutter
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    How To Build Button Quail Cages

    Building cages is really easy. You'll need a few things at a minimum: Wire cutter, J-clips, and J-clip pliers. That's about it! Cut the wire to size and attach it together with the J-clips. The place I buy my wire has all sizes and styles. For my coturnix, I usually uses 1" x 1/2" for...
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    Wanted: A&M Coturnix eggs in driving range of Huntsville, Alabama

    I would like to buy a few dozen Texas A&M quail eggs. If you are within an hour or so driving time of Huntsville, AL and have some for sell or know of some one, please post or email me.
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    Quail Pics

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    Butlers, A&M, Jumbo Pharoh???

    Does anyone know of someone who has A&Ms in the North Alabama area?
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    Processing Quail Pictures- WARNING Graphic!

    monarc23, Thanks for the post on processing the quail. It helped greatly. I put 9 in the freezer today.
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    Coturnix Quail Basics- Information and Pictures Galore

    Yes, photos of the process would be great. I have dressed quail in the past, but many years ago. If I recall correctly, we would slit open the body all the way up the back. From your description, you don't do this. Is it easy enough to clean out the body cavity without opening up the entire...
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    Coturnix Quail Basics- Information and Pictures Galore

    Can one of y'all give a quick run down of how you clean these birds? WCO
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    New to raising quail - help with some tips?

    SamG347 says: The cages are going to have sloped floors soo eggs roll to the front. Hey Sam, How much would you think should be the maximum opening size for an egg to roll out? The reason I ask is that I made my pen sides out of 1" x 2" wire oriented vertically. I left off the first row in...
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    Pop Bottle Waterers Just Got Even Easier

    If you are like me then you are always fumbling around with the little spring trying to get it attached around the bottle and connected to the quail pen. Here is how I solved the problem. A short piece of wire, a pair of needle nose pliers, and about 5 minutes. With these, you too can...
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