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    Increasing Protein and Variety

    Would love to increase the protein in store-bought feed. I've seen adding whole grains (wheat, corn, whole oats) can raise the protein level. Unfortunately, I don't have a co-op nearby to buy bulk grains. Any ideas? I'm in San Diego and the best I can come up with is Sprouts or Amazon. I'd like...
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    What to call our coop?

    We call outs the Chicken Coupe (it has wheels from a Model A)
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    Change in appetite ... seem like they're eating more

    Mine are doing the same. That's okay ... whatever they need. Just wanted to make sure something wasn't wrong. Thank you @Mamatomany123 !
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    First night!! nervous chicken mama

    It's great how we all care so much about these little creatures. I'm very protective about my girls. 6 weeks seems like forever especially when you start with little fluff balls and watch them grow almost before your eyes. We spend every evening just watching them.
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    Change in appetite ... seem like they're eating more

    I have 3 almost 6 week old NH. They've been in the coop for 10 days or so (Southern California so nights are warm). In the last couple days however they seem much hungrier. I've filled up their feeding dish twice yesterday and three times today. Should I keep feeding them more? They seem quite...
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    Watery poop

    I had the same question! Thinking that since my 6 week old gals are eating more greens is what is causing the change in poop. They LOVE eating my grass and I also toss in Oregano and Thyme which they devour!
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    Chick sounds

    Mine make funny sounds too. Starting to cluck more and peep less. The opening mouth wide is so hilarious!
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    First night!! nervous chicken mama

    I put mine outside at 4-ish weeks. But I'm in So Calif and the temps were only 65 at night. The first night I went out to check on them 5 times so don't worry if you're nervous! Great set up you have! Aren't they fun?
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    Hello! New to BYC ...

    Actually I did. I posted here in error. But thanks for the hello!!
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    Pictures of chicks at different ages

    Hey BYC folks! Is there a photo with chicks at different ages? I'm trying to determine the age of my chicks. I've had them 2 weeks and I think they were older than 3 days when I got them. They are New Hampshire cross. Thanks!!
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    Oregano for chicks?

    Thank you! I'll give it a try!
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    Hello BYC Family from Lakeside, CA (San Diego area)

    I'm hoping! Fingers crossed!
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    Help! We need a different heat source

    Mine seem to lay under the heat then not then under it. I am trusting they know when they are cold or warm. Just letting instinct take over. :)
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    Oregano for chicks?

    Hi BYC! What age is good to introduce Oregano and other herbs? I have TONS (my garden is bursting!) of Oregano, Thyme, and Mint. SOOOOO, when can I introduce to my chicks? They are 3 weeks old now. Thanks!
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