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    We have a little bantam hen and we can"t figure out what"s wrong with her. it started out 2 days ago when she was just limping around. Today she will not walk at all & just lays there all puffed up. We thought that maybe she had hurt her leg, but now one of our 4 month old orpingtons is...
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    2nd hatch successful

    Congrats on your hatch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Looking for info.

    Thank you very much for that information !!!!! Like they say, " you learn something new every day" !!!!
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    Third Hatch Is A Charm !!!!!!!

    First hatch ended in total let down. 0 for 5. Second hatch 1 for 4. This hatch was a perfect 6 for 6. All of them were homegrown fertile eggs. The only difference is that for the last hatch, I left the eggs out on the counter to settle for 24 hours, before putting them in to the bator. So happy...
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    Looking for info.

    We recently hatched a batch of our homegrown eggs in the incubator. Two of them were from our mama turken. I know very little about genetics in chickens. One of them hatched out to be a little buff colored chick, which would make sense because we have a buff orpington rooster. He/she looks like...
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    Frustrated !!!

    Actually we have 3 roos in with the hens.
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    Frustrated !!!

    I haven't yet figured out what's going on. I did crack some of the eggs open though like you suggested, and at least found out that they are indeed fertile !!!!!!! Since I'm far from an expert on candeling eggs, I've decided to just leave them in the bator for a few more days & then check them...
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    Frustrated !!!

    Hey thanks !!! I did that & now I know what I'm looking for. Thanks for the information !!!!!!!!!
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    Frustrated !!!

    I have the temp. set at 99.5 degrees.
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    Frustrated !!!

    It is a Little Giant, with the fan for circulation, we installed an automatic egg turner, we have been running the humidity between 55 & 60%. They are eggs from my own chicken house, and I'm fairly certain that they are fertile, due to the fact that my roosters are on the hens constantly. I may...
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    Frustrated !!!

    I recently purchased a fan forced air incubator. We set it up & ran it for 3 days to make sure that the temp. was well regulated. Since we were waiting for some eggs that we ordered to arrive, we decided to give some of our home grown eggs a try. the first three were candeled at 10 days. we...
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    Anyone in Wyoming or Western South Dakota raising silkies?

    Would you be interested in selling either baby chicks, or fertile hatching eggs?
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    Am I to late.

    Will she sit on the nest most of the day, or just for a few hours? She sat this morning from about 9:00 until 12:00 & then came out and hasn't been back to the nest?
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    We got our first egg!!

    Congrats!!!!!!! It's a very exciting day when that first egg arrives. We just had our first a few weeks ago & now we are getting 4 a day.
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