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    Letting my broody raise 20 meaties. Now I have a rooster raising 50 CX chicks~new batch!

    This may sound like a weird question, but what color was the fat? Supermarket chickens tend to have white fat. When we've eaten a heritage breed cockerel from our backyard, the fat was yellow (for any breed we've had). Is that due to the breed or the pasture raising? Do pasture-raised...
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    Letting my broody raise 20 meaties. Now I have a rooster raising 50 CX chicks~new batch!

    Great! I'm going to try it. We'll see how it goes. I hope it's as successful as your experience.
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    Letting my broody raise 20 meaties. Now I have a rooster raising 50 CX chicks~new batch!

    Hi. First, i want to say THANK YOU to Beekissed for starting this thread. I just read the entire thread and I really enjoyed the pictures you and Wolfwoman posted as well as the information. I just started keeping chickens last year for eggs. We bought chicks, kept the pullets for laying and...
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    introducing babies to broody hen

    I sucessfully used this method last week: The link says to do it at night, but my Salmon Favorelle accepted the chicks during the middle of the day. From my experience, the three essential pieces are (1) make sure she has been broody...
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    Adding babies to supplement a broody's eggs?

    Many websites say do it in the evening because it makes her more likely to accept them, but my experience is that if she has been broody a while (at least 3 weeks) and really wants chicks, that's not necesssary. I did it last week and didn't even have to wait until evening. We did it mid-day...
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    Rats - crazy situation

    Not only will they eat your eggs, but I've had one kill a chick before, right from under the mom. I think the rat was after eggs, but this chick had already hatched. I ran out there because I heard screaming in the coop - I think it was the rat screaming from the mom fighting it - and found...
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    Trusting the mama, right thing to do?

    Trust her. Hens have been raising their chicks for thousands of years. Our first broody hatched her clutch on April 8th, and she handled it all. Whenever mom feels like theh babies are cold, she will sit down and call the babies to her to heat them up, even if they are in the yard. If your...
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    At what age do EE's typically lay?

    Mine started laying at 22 and 22.5 weeks. One has laid an egg everyday without fail, but they are smaller eggs. The other isn't as consistent. There will be many times when she'll lay an egg a day (usually medium), but then she goes an lays a double yolker and takes the next day off. The...
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    Barred Rock laying age

    Thanks for the responses. My two Barred Rocks look so mature, but they aren't laying yet. They're 20 weeks - hopefully they'll start soon.
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    Barred Rock laying age

    Hi, I know that the average age that hens start to lay is 20 -24 weeks, but I also know that some breeds lay at earlier, some later, some right in the middle, etc. What has your experience been with Barred Rocks. Are they early layers? Thanks.
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    By 6 weeks, there were major differences between my BO pullets and cockerel. So, by 16, I'm pretty sure the differences would be so pronounced that if you had a cockerel, you would know.
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    RIR - afraid I have a roo...

    I'm going to be a contrarian, I guess. I think that is a cockerel. It it is 3 1/2 months, it doesn't look like a pullet. The comb is much larger and his posture is more masculine. I have RIR that are just a week or so younger than yours (hatched in April) and my male RIR looks a lot more...
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    Do I have pullets or cockerels?

    The Barred Rock and EE look like pullets to me. I've never had a Dark Brahma so I don't feel qualified to comment on that one.
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    Pronunciation of "Faverolles"?

    Shoot, I've been saying fa-ver-els everything else on your rant, I pronounce as you suggest
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