1 Gallon Poultry Waterer

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  1. Jim Brown
    "Overall Good"
    Pros - Good size for multiple waterers. Easy to clean.
    Cons - No handle to carry right side up or hang. No room for error in assembly or it will leak.
    I prefer these to the 2 gallon that I've had. The lack of handle on top means you can't hang it, so it is more prone to knock over and spill. The size is great for a small backyard flock. I have 3 in my coop (80 sf) so each hen gets plenty of water.
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    Fall 2017
  2. Chickensoftherainbow
    "Love this for my bitties!"
    Pros - Easy to clean
  3. Abriana
    "Great waterer!"
    Pros - Holds a lot
    Easy for the birds to drink from
    Cons - Leaks sometimes
    Gets filled with shavings/dirt
    I like this waterer because it’s easy to clean, and easy for the birds to drink from. It does get filled with shavings or dirt easily, but that’s not really a defect. I find that if the base isn’t screwed on perfectly straight it leaks. Overall it’s a great product has I use it quite a bit!

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  1. Lkcoop66
    Yes, they are great for the young flock.
  2. rbnk1
    I have two of these, need to be careful to not screw it on wrong, cross threaded or the base will pop off if I carry it upside down out to the coop...or leak. But as long as I screw it on right, works great! I set it up on bricks at just the right level to drink from and it never gets dirty. Good product.
  3. BYCforlife
    I had one, it leaked terribly. I didn't see any holes, so I guess there was just a defect? I know that I had it put together right.
  4. Abriana
    I noticed that it sometimes doesn't screw on all the way and leaks, but overall it is great to have a few around. Perfect for pullets or chicks just learning to live outside. They do get dirtier easier i noticed, than the waterer i use which has nipples that you screw into a bucket, but they are easy to clean (old toothbrush and clorox wipes rinsed out really well). And they get filled with shavings/dirt/grass really easy. Overall though, i love this waterer and use it often.
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  5. Tinman53
    Has been working good for me but I raised mine on a piece of 3" PVC pipe about 3" tall.
  6. kwhites634
    I like the ones with the wire bail. I suspend mine from an "S" hook under my raised coop...works like a charm
  7. Rudys Flock
  8. Rudys Flock
    We have a large 5 gallon galvanized water can, we fill it twice a week, We hang it just low enough for the large chickens to drink. It is in the shade and the water stays clean and cool.

    Problem, too heavy to carry very far. We have the smaller ones for the baby chicken and they do have to be changed daily 2 or 3 times.

    We also have a very small stream running across our back yard, they love to get down there in the mud and drink.
  9. BobsChickens
    Agreed! I have to refill it often since it's hot where I live and I have 4 adult hens who share this waterer. They always find ways to kick poop/dirt/chicken feed crumbles in there too. >.>
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  10. GreenLove
    Gets filled with dirt, poo, etc easily. Easy to clean, but will never buy again for the simple fact that the smell inside after just one day is disgusting! I clean mine daily with soap and water (at this point it smells fine again), but then the next day---yuck!! Is it because of the plastic it's made from? My filtered well water? I may never know....I only use them until my chicks are about 14 weeks old and have learned to drink from the stainless steel pet bowls (which are wonderful).
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