1 Gallon Poultry Waterer

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  1. CWDancer
    "Pops open easily"
    Pros - Larger water so less refilling
    Cons - pops open to easily
    Pops open to easily and at 2 to 3 weeks the chicks begin roosting on them, if its not very full they will knock them over, so more work because now you're changing litter more often
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  2. Jim Brown
    "Overall Good"
    Pros - Good size for multiple waterers. Easy to clean.
    Cons - No handle to carry right side up or hang. No room for error in assembly or it will leak.
    I prefer these to the 2 gallon that I've had. The lack of handle on top means you can't hang it, so it is more prone to knock over and spill. The size is great for a small backyard flock. I have 3 in my coop (80 sf) so each hen gets plenty of water.
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    Fall 2017
  3. Chickensoftherainbow
    "Love this for my bitties!"
    Pros - Easy to clean
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  4. Abriana
    "Great waterer!"
    Pros - Holds a lot
    Easy for the birds to drink from
    Cons - Leaks sometimes
    Gets filled with shavings/dirt
    I like this waterer because it’s easy to clean, and easy for the birds to drink from. It does get filled with shavings or dirt easily, but that’s not really a defect. I find that if the base isn’t screwed on perfectly straight it leaks. Overall it’s a great product has I use it quite a bit!
  5. chickenreyna
    "good easy to keep clean from mold"
    Pros - Strong, durable
    Cons - None really double check and make sure you screw bottom base on all the way after refilling.. Its really low to ground, so i simply sit it on a stepping stone for my flock to keep up higher
    Gr8! Never buy a quart again unless its a mason jar you will be using. Slightly) , Offtl topic, but may i recommend using a dollar bottle cleaner from dollar store to keep the plastic quarts clean. :)
  6. Chullicken
    "Quick Fix"
    Pros - Affordable, holds a lot, easy to find and clean
    Cons - Gets dirty quickly, prone to crack when in direct sunlight or cold, jar doesn't fasten well to tray
    Its a great intro product for your flock, but you'll need to make special arrangements for it in a coop or run. It's fairly durable if used gently, the price in my area seems a bit steep for something plastic. My flock loved to perch on these and poop in their food/water so it need to be checked and cleaned at least once daily if not more. I'd go with a hanging waterer/feeder instead of one of these.
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  7. BYCforlife
    "Very tidy waterer!"
    Pros - Holds a lot of water for its size, easy to refill.
    Cons - Very easy to screw it together wrong, leaks easily.
    I really like this waterer for looks, and for how it works. If put together correctly, it works really well. I have a small wooden block in my coop, and it's high enough to keep the chickens from scratching shavings into the water. I would buy this product, but be very careful to screw it together correctly.
  8. snow5164
    "Great to have a couple of these"
    Pros - Nice size to carry, easy to clean , cheap.Great for birds in isolation.
    Cons - None
    I have 4 of these. Great size to add probiotics/ electrolytes to a hens diet . I use it for new chicks with marbles in the trough. Easy to clean and a great price , I add apple cider sometimes so the ability to clean it afterwards is important.
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  9. barneveldrerman
    "Great for a younger flock"
    Pros - Fits in small spaces. Easy to keep clean
    Cons - Easy to get dirt or shavings in tray
    For young flocks or small ones this is great. It is fairly essay to keep clean. It also fits great in small spaces. The only bad part is it easily gets dirt or shavings inside the tray. Also the lid is hard to screw on sometimes. Overall it is one of the best investments that I have made!
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  10. CuzChickens
    "Handy waterer, not too many complaints."
    Pros - Easy to clean, holds a nice amount of water.
    Cons - It is light enough that chickens always knock it over.
    I have 1 of these waterers, they work pretty well, though my other one broke because it sat in the sun, but that is my fault, not the manufacturers, I can clean it fairly easily, I do not recommend for full grown birds, because they will tip it.
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