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11 lb Plastic Hanging Feeder

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  1. CuzChickens
    "Ok feeder, but not alot of thought put into..."
    Pros - Hangs, holds a nice amount of feed.
    Cons - It is always coming apart, and the feed gets stuck in it.
    I bought one of these second hand, and overall, it is an ok feeder, but the feed always gets stuck, even with dry, semi fine food, and you constantly have to make sure it is not about to fall apart.
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  2. barneveldrerman
    "Had a couple issues"
    Pros - It hangs and it is big enough so u dont have to fill it up as often
    Cons - The bottom screw needs to always be tighten
    I have had 2 of these feeders for about a month. When I got them the bottoms completely fell and i was worried it would always Fall off. But it really hasn't fell but we makesure the screw is always tight. Not the best feeder their is but its doing the job.:)
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  3. king tail
    "it is ok. :-/"
    Pros - it is good for grown chicken and turkeys.
    Cons - the screw keeps coming out!
    its a love/hate feeder, the screw in the bottom kept falling off,so the bottom where the feed comes out kept falling off, so now I have a tray feeder with a white thing hanging from the ceiling, and my chickens hit it all the time when they fly off the roost. I would not get this feeder. [​IMG]
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User Comments

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  1. Ren2014
    Does not weather well. After time the plastic becomes brittle.
  2. Circle W Farms
    I have 2 of them and they seem to work pretty well.
  3. BYCforlife
    For me, my chickens spill a ton of feed. Maybe it is just my chickens, but it was not amazing for me. Durable though.
  4. king tail
    Yes,it does keep out rats. But i still dont like it.
  5. Djcoak
    I have had one for two years. No issues
  6. Tacampbell1973
    Do hanging feeders deter rats? We have put out poison carefully away from my birds, but the food pans are counterproductive.
    1. BYCforlife
      It would, if it is high up enough that the rats can not get to it.
      BYCforlife, Jun 25, 2017
  7. cyborg
    I have been using one of these (I actually use 3 of them) for about 10 months now with no problems. I don't hang them, I just put them on a flat brick.
  8. chickery-do
    This is something your girls are pecking for!

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