11 lb Plastic Hanging Feeder

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Pros: Affordable, Easy to Clean, Can Hang or Set
Cons: Nightmare in the winter, Easy to Knock Around food dumps
If you have mild winters this is a good product with its ability to be hung or set, cleaning is easy and its affordable. If you live in colder climates this thing can't be used in the winter or it can be with a supplemental heating element. Colder climates I find myself having to get the ice out of water containers and this one is a doozer.
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Pros: Holds plenty of feed for a decent sized flock. Hanging hook makes for easy hanging on a higher hook to avoid night time rodents.
Cons: Meh, it wasn't free and won't sit on the ground without unscrewing the base.
I only had issues with the bottom coming off BEFORE I hung it. Once hung... never again. Adjustable tightness for different feed types.
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Pros: Hangs, holds a nice amount of feed.
Cons: It is always coming apart, and the feed gets stuck in it.
I bought one of these second hand, and overall, it is an ok feeder, but the feed always gets stuck, even with dry, semi fine food, and you constantly have to make sure it is not about to fall apart.
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I have been using one of these (I actually use 3 of them) for about 10 months now with no problems. I don't hang them, I just put them on a flat brick.
Do hanging feeders deter rats? We have put out poison carefully away from my birds, but the food pans are counterproductive.
For me, my chickens spill a ton of feed. Maybe it is just my chickens, but it was not amazing for me. Durable though.
Sorry, but I love mine... I have it hanging and it seems to work good for my chickens.

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