12 lb. Metal Hanging Poultry Feeder

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  1. Cellomama2
    "Works pretty well"
    Pros - Holds a lot of food, can't be knocked over easily
    Cons - When the food gets low the chickens don't get any, no cover
    This is the first chicken feeder I've used outside with them and its doing a pretty good job. I made a lid with a foil pan that I bent to fit and that is working pretty well. When the food gets low it doesn't go to the outer edge where the chickens can get it but the food is not able to be tossed around either which is nice. Much less waste.
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  2. CuzChickens
    "Bad feeder, do not buy"
    Pros - NONE
    I bought this feeder, and it works horribly, totally not worth my money, the bottom part always comes apart and the whole feeder tips, and BAM, there goes 12 pounds of chicken feed on the ground. I do not recommend at all.
  3. Poultry parent
    "great for chickens"
    Pros - They can't knock it over, holds enough food to last a week
    Cons - no lid, and hard for ducks to eat of
    so i have this feeder and i love it for my hens, i can hang it to adjust the height. but don't hang it anywhere near where they can sit as they will poop in it. also my ducks can't really fir their bills into it and as a result they spill feed everywhere. overall a great feeder for chickens not so much for ducks

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  1. oldbird1
    Hi mate just a helpful hint for the feeder to save you having to spin same when near empty just buy a plastic funnel to suit the inside of feeder placed upside down if this uses to much space make a dome to fit just to divert the feed note if you use funnel plug the spout hope this helps oldbird1.
  2. Jakesnake2323
    *DOESN'T come with a top
  3. LoneOak
    That is not the feeders fault, that is the feed causing the problem. Put some in a flat dish and the last inch will remain in a pile everytime.
  4. CountryGeorge
    I have one of these for my inside the coop feeder. I have it hung from the ceiling with a chain so I can adjust the height as needful and have a cover for the top to keep the critters from trying to perch on it. It does feed a bit slow but I just give it a shake every morning when I check things out.
  5. Bleenie
    I love my little metal feeder, it works great for large batches of chicks and even the adult birds can easily eat from it. It doesn't work well for ducks because the "eating space" is kind of small but it's great for the other birds. I haven't had a problem with the supports,they seem very sturdy. My only complaint would be that the gap for the feed to slide out(down into the tray) is kind of small so sometimes you have to shake or push the feed out.

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