12 lb. Metal Hanging Poultry Feeder

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  1. Cellomama2
    "Works pretty well"
    Pros - Holds a lot of food, can't be knocked over easily
    Cons - When the food gets low the chickens don't get any, no cover
    This is the first chicken feeder I've used outside with them and its doing a pretty good job. I made a lid with a foil pan that I bent to fit and that is working pretty well. When the food gets low it doesn't go to the outer edge where the chickens can get it but the food is not able to be tossed around either which is nice. Much less waste.
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  2. CuzChickens
    "Bad feeder, do not buy"
    Pros - NONE
    I bought this feeder, and it works horribly, totally not worth my money, the bottom part always comes apart and the whole feeder tips, and BAM, there goes 12 pounds of chicken feed on the ground. I do not recommend at all.
  3. Poultry parent
    "great for chickens"
    Pros - They can't knock it over, holds enough food to last a week
    Cons - no lid, and hard for ducks to eat of
    so i have this feeder and i love it for my hens, i can hang it to adjust the height. but don't hang it anywhere near where they can sit as they will poop in it. also my ducks can't really fir their bills into it and as a result they spill feed everywhere. overall a great feeder for chickens not so much for ducks
  4. Ifish
    "Work Alright, Will Not Buy Again."
    Pros - Sturdy, Holds A Good Amount of Feed
    Cons - Flat Bottom, No Lid
    This feeder seems to work ok with pellets, but not very well with Mash. The food does not like to flow out into the trough for the chickens to get to it. It has to be shaken and twisted to get the feed to flow into the trough section. It has been replaced in the coop and relegated to back up duties.
  5. mymilliefleur
    "Metal Hanging Feeder."
    Pros - Holds a lot of feed, hard to spill.
    Cons - Feed gets stuck, metal rods fell out.
    Personally I was kind of disappointed with this feeder. The metal rods that hold the base of the feeder to the top kept falling out, and eventually got lost.
    Also, feed would get stuck in the center and mold. Other than that it is a pretty decent, durable feeder.
  6. chickincrazy
    "Hangs well, big enough for 8 or 9 birds, plus..."
    Pros - Hangs off the ground, so it stays pretty clean
    Cons - when the food is low it doesn't come out of the feeeder
    A good, tough feeder. Lasts forever. My chickens love to perch on things, and even they can't manage to climb onto this feeder! It holds a nice amount of food, so you don't have to fill it up every day.
    Somehow, though, my birds manage to scratch hay into it, and you have to take it apart to remove all of it.
  7. Jakesnake2323
    "Nice Feeder"
    Pros - Holds lots of food, heavy dudy, easy to clean
    Cons - No top
    This is a great feeder. It holds enough feed for my 9 hens for a week. It is easy to clean. One problem is it does come with a top. I had to make a wood cover for it so I didn't have to worry about the birds pooping in it. Other than that its great!
  8. chickypeps
    "Love it, like most things it needed a bit of a..."
    Pros - Super durable, holds a ton of feed
    Cons - Low feed level = hungry chickens
    Holds a bunch of feed for 9 hens for about a week. Like previous reviews, it does indeed have a problem with its low feed, trough level. I ended up drilling about 16 smallish hole along the bottom edge so that when the feed was low I could spin the feeder, forcing more feed into the trough and sifting out the dust on the bottom out through the holes. Other than the need for an occasional spin, works great and so far has been super durable.
  9. earlybird10842
    "Good feeder for flock of 4-12"
    Pros - Holds plenty, hangs well
    Cons - Feed doesn't fall into trough when low.
    It is a VERY good feeder, but when there is less than an inch of feed left, it doesn't fall into the trough like it should.
  10. ms4runr
    "Galvanized feeder"
    Pros - galvanized
    Cons - Support bars need reinforcing
    I went with metal because I thought it would be sturdier than plastic. I have not had plastic so not sure of comparison but I needed to say that my guinea birds pecked the cross support bars out. They are now bent through the middle. I tried taping the ends to keep them from pecking and pulling the bars out so much. It only partically helps. You can see one end of the bar is bent. The other did have a washer, but that was lost in the litter (lost the bars several times also from them tossing them).
    I also find that the feed freezes inside easier so it does not flow into the side areas of the pan. I can tap it in, if I come to check it every day, which I do not. I have a plastic feeder and will see if it works the same or better.
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