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Pros: Good for tiny chicks
Cons: Chicks turned it into a trough
While the chicks were still young enough to be indoors due to their heat requirements (and my ignorance of the Mama Heating Pad) they figured out how to kick off the top. We commented a friend of ours with a many more, but younger chicks about that problem. He said that their chicks didn't do that. But, the next week they started too.
Otherwise it was fine. They didn't mind it. Well, I guess they did, since they put their collective minds to removing the top. But, they ate from it.
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Spring 2017
Pros: holds lots of food, easy to clean, easy to set up, not knocked down easily.
Cons: chicks perch on it, takes up a bit of space.
This is my personal favorite for chick feeders. It holds a fair amount of food and works wonderfully for a semi large amount of chicks. It comes in medal or plastic and you can get different colors of the plastic. I wouldn't recommend this if you have less then 7 chicks though.
Pros: holds a good amount of food.
Cons: It easily gets full of bedding and poop and is a pain to clean out.
This feeder does the job well enough. I just don't enjoy cleaning it out when the chicks scratch bedding in it. Even adult birds kick up dirt into it, and they have trouble getting out all the food. A lot gets wasted, and that irks me when they waste food. Also it is easily tipped over. On the bright side it is metal and lasts forever.


These do work for adult doves to keep the chickens out, with zip ties to the wall to keep anyone from moving it.
I'm not crazy about it either. It DOES hold a lot of food, and to me that's the problem. I have to put a lot of food in it just to get it up to a level where the smaller chicks can feed efficiently. So I end up tossing out huge amounts of food when it gets dirty and have to refill it up to that magic level again. Nope, not crazy about it.

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