2 Gallon Double Wall Fount

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  1. Flock Master64
    "It's Great"
    Pros - It only holds 2 gallons so it not too heavy to carry around, it's very easy to fill up and clean, etc.
    Cons - None
    I think this waterer is great. It only holds 2 gallons of water so if you're a younger, older or out of shape it's not too much work to carry from the hose to the coop. It's it's very easy to fill up compared to other waterers I've had for example you don't have to twist the cap on the correct way to get the waterer to work properly ) It's metal so so it won't get scratched or break like the plastic and glass ones do.
  2. CuzChickens
    "Bad, rusty, leaky, waterer. DO NOT BUY"
    Pros - Um, none.
    Cons - Rusts in less than 2 months, Leaks worse than a sink that has not been visited by the plumber in 50 years.
    I spent $20.00 on this dang waterer thinking it would be good and durable, and worth my investment, WRONG! It leaked so bad, was so hard to use, and totally not worth my money. Within 2 months it was so rusted I could not use it any more, and I was actually relieved to throw it away, I was tired of the neighbors calling to ask if we were alright because I screamed obscenities at it daily. The feed store did not even give me my money back with a receipt, and I took as good care of it as possible.
  3. bonnij69
    "Love it"
    Pros - Sturdy, easy to use no problems
    Cons - Can be messy while carrying it.
    Absouletly love it. No leaking works wonderfully. Great if your not going to be home all the time. The only problem I have is carrying it back to coop I do spill it on myself. My water source is in the front of my yard so spills are to be expected lol. Water stays cleaner than another waterer I had. I have no problems with it overflowing at all. Mine works the way its supposed to. I do have mine on a few pieces of wood so water stays cleaner. I know its not level and I still do not have any overflowing problems.

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  1. duluthralphie
    I like them but the solder will break at the bottom upon occasion and cause you leakage and grief.
  2. duluthralphie
    I use them and like them. You cannot put ACV in them or they will corrode some. They are the only thing we can use to reliably not freeze in the winter on a heater. You do have to keep them perfectly level and not bounce them around. If they do leak just soldier the bottom ring and they are good as new, that is usually where the leak is. I did have one that has an air leak I cannot find. I even painted it with the leak ender stuff them advertise on TV and still it leaks air. It happens, I will still take these over the plastic ones.
  3. penny1960
    I am physically disabled and was not able to even carry the one full
  4. CuzChickens
    Haha, made me laugh. I do not like mine either.
  5. ToniTalley
    how the heck do you lift a full 5 gallon one up into the coop to sit on the water heater!!!!!! I can barely lift the 2 gallon one, and it does leak slowly and I have to clean out the damp bedding constantly.
  6. ToniTalley
    We solved the multiple trips part two ways....sometimes I use a wheelbarrow when I have to bring out a bunch of different things. We also keep several metal trash cans with lids by the coop and keep their food, scratch grains, and bedding in them all year long. My main problem is that the waterer seems to leak, very slowly, but in winter when the thing is inside the coop on the water heater, it gets the bedding wet all around it, and I have to keep replacing the chips and straw with dry.
  7. ToniTalley
    mine leaks also, albeit slowly, but it's bad in winter when you have to take out the wet bedding daily... it could be that it is not perfectly level. However, it cannot hang as it sits on a water heater in winter, and there is no other kind of metal waterer that I have found, and you cannot use a plastic on on a water heater.
  8. bonnij69
    I did do that also ToniTalley but found myself making multiple trips with their food, fresh veggies etc. Lol, I guess their isnt a completely easy way of doing everything we need to do for our feathered friends. I do enjoy them as I am guessing we all do. This is my first lil flock and am having alot of fun and learning so much. I now have started raising my own mealworms for them. So super simple & cheaper than buying luve or freeze dried. My girls love the little critters. I bought 1000 o them and not one was dead upon arrival thru the mail.
  9. ToniTalley
    I just take out two plastic milk jugs of water out to the coop and fill it out there. I only spill a tiny bit in winter when I have to put it inside the coop.
  10. bonnij69
    Great idea to carry upside down. I feel like an idiot lol lol. I would carry it with both arms underneath. Still spilled it on myself. I to thought about just carrying a good ole rubbermaid bucket but I couldn't clean it. I am a little crazy when it comes to cleaning it. So mine does get cleaned alot. Thanks for the logical way of carrying it @darkbluespace.

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