24 Egg Incubator- Self Turn , Digital Incuabtor for Poultry/ Ducks/ Quail. If You Are Looking for a

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  1. ChickenfeedR
    "Works well for me"
    Pros - Holds a steady temperature 37.5 well, and returns to temp quickly once you open and close it.
    Cons - No adjustable vents and you have to pick up each egg out to the turner to go into lockdown.
    I couldn't find much information on this 'bator from P & I but I bought it anyway because it was the right size for my humble needs. After a miserable failed hatch in my homemade styrofoam still air unit, I started looking for an automatic. I wanted an automatic turner and the ability to hatch 12 eggs, not 3 or 36...When you order eggs shipped, they send you a couple extra because things happen so I wanted to be able to allow for that. So I bought the P & I 12 egg incubator, it looks just like the stock picture above for the 24.
    I set up the 'bator and ran it for a few days, played with the instructions which were hard to understand but eventually you get it and then it's on auto forever. The tricky part for me was that the turner simply sits on the grate like a hockey puck and slides back and forth, when you put the lid on you have to engage the arm of the turning motor to the turner each time you put the cover on. This caused me a little stress during the first 18 days because I wanted to open and close the box as quickly as possible. I used a tiny funnel to add water through the vent hole, about a teaspoon at a time. Also, I attached a temperature/humidity gage to the turner where I could see it without opening the lid. The first week I had to add water each day to keep it between 27% and 35% humidity, the second week the humidity rose to 44% on it's own and I just went with it. At lockdown, I brought the humidity up to 65-70% humidity. The temperature stayed locked at 37.5C, only dipping about 1 degree when I opened it up to adjust the eggs and returning back to temp quickly. At lockdown, I candled each egg and removed the turner tray, then set the eggs on a paper towel.
    I'm on day 24 so far, our of 8 shipped eggs 4 hatched, 1 on day 22, 2 on day 23, and 1 was a breech on day 23.5. The breech couldn't move after pipping so I assisted her to hatch, and she is out and drying as we speak. Next time I will bump the indicated temperature up a little as this batch was late. Overall, for me this is a will built product that I would recommend.

    Best wishes,


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