3.3 lb hanging feeder

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  • Made in Italy, sold by Premier 1 Supplies. Small feeder with lid that slide locks into place. Perfect for using in brooders due to small size. Can be used on ground or hung as chicks grow to keep feed cleaner and prevent spills from rambunctious chicks knocking the feeder over. Also works well in small coops/runs with adult birds.
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  1. zekii
    "Plastic...Fell apart after 2 years"
    Pros - Nice design, easy to fill, clean, good access to feed, especially for ducks, geese & turkeys
    Cons - Plastic becomes brittle over time, and eventually very cold temps will cause these to crack & fall apart
    These will not last under real condition year round. We bought two of these from Premier1, and after two years they started cracking and falling
    apart. I had one hanging in my turkey coop this winter, and one day I went into the coop and the hook had broken off [​IMG], the other one
    we had just sitting on the ground and it just eventually cracked from use.
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  1. DuckRaiser
    You need your money back!:O

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