48 Egg Incubator Digital Auto Turner Chicken Poultry Bird Quail Clear Hatcher

  • Features:
    1. A good combination of superior material and delicate workmanship
    2. Durable and safe to use
    3. Allow 48pcs eggs to put in
    4. Good heat preservation and energy-saving performance
    5. Support automatic egg turning
    6. Convenient temperature control for instant grasp or adjustment of inner temperature
    7. High accuracy and good stability
    8. Mini size, lightweight for easy operation

    1. Color: Yellow & Transparent
    2. Weight: 128.75/ 3650g
    3. Dimensions: (19.49 x 18.5 x 9.06)" (L x W x H)
    4. Hatching Eggs Storing Temperature/Humidity Range: 10℃ ~ 15.6℃ / 75% ~ 80%
    5. Voltage: AC 110V
    6. Frequency: 50~60Hz
    7. Power: 80W
    8. Incubation Quantity: 48 Pcs
    9. Plug: US Standard
    10. Suitable for: Chickens,Ducks,Geese and Other Poultry,Quail,Parrot,Pigeons and Other Birds

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User Comments

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  1. TLCMidMichigan
    I have one similar. No name and a 48 egg unit.
    The instructions are vague and the unit doesn't reset for the days. Or to adjust the temperature.
    I ended up getting a picture from another provider to identify the buttons correctly. No luck on setting things up. The supplier wants a video on what its doing.....! How about nothing.
    Make sure you purchase a name brand. Chinese junk. And I don't mean a boat.
  2. The Farmers' Daughter
    What is the make/model?
  3. KikisGirls
    Do you own this product?
    Have you used it?
    "Reviews" are not meant to just describe a product...They are meant to give specific opinions about the product based on your own personal experience.
      Leah567 likes this.
    1. BYC Support
      This was posted as an item that can be reviewed, not as a review itself. The item describes the product and you can review the item by selecting a star rating next to where it says "Rate & Review Item:".
      BYC Support, Jul 25, 2017
      Leah567 likes this.
    2. KikisGirls
      Thanks, I guess I assumed that items were posted as the were reviewed.
      KikisGirls, Jul 25, 2017
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