5 Gallon Double Wall Fount

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  1. Farmgirl1878
    "Great heavy duty waterer"
    Pros - Heavy duty, holds a lot of water, great interior handle - comfortable to carry, works with a heated base, easy to keep clean
    Cons - Chickens love to perch on the top
    Love it! I bought it this summer to use with a heated base during the winter, but the birds liked it so well that we’ve kept it out since we brought it home from Rural King and filled it up!
  2. Tsjschickens
    "So far so good!"
    Pros - All metal well made
    Cons - They like to jump on top of it and get dirt in the water but its not the waterers fault. Hanging would solve that problem.
    Mostly picked this one over the plastic one because I was thinking ahead about the winter. Planning to put a warmer under it to keep the water from freezing .
  3. cindyloowhoo
    "Works great"
    Pros - Easy to fill and use. Water stays clean. Holds plenty of water for when you're going to be away.
    Cons - Don't have any
    Really like this. Wanted something that was easy to fill, holds a lot, doesn't leak and keeps the water clean. This does the trick! I also like the look of it since I have similar for the feeder and both have that farm look and work great! I didn't want plastic, which can crack in the winter plus I just don't like plastic and the galvanized was way less expensive than plastic ones
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  1. TLCMidMichigan
    Follow the directions on the pamphlet. It says the outside is NOT for carrying.
    After filling the inside in place. As you place the outside down, take notice where it locks in on the bottom. That's your sealing and process to getting it right.
    That's the only reason for the outside handle.
    I like the process.
  2. WYNot
    Thanks for the suggestions. Will give them a try. Can't take it back though. Have had it since last fall. Bought it to use as a winter waterer (along with a heated base) but ended up going a different route. Ended up buying one of the Harris Farm 5 Gallon Top Fill Waterer (link) and so far am quite happy with it. Would be nice to get the metal one working though as a backup.
  3. Ugadano
    Try candling the empty in a dark room to see if you can find the hole, or submerge full of air in a stock tank to watch for bubbles, then use JB Weld or something non-toxic to patch that hole inside and out. Even duct tape will hold for a while on a small spot. I hope it is not on a seam. If you cannot locate it, I would take it back to the store to trade for a new one.
  4. duluthralphie
    I know it is a pain but try a plastic bag over the inside bucket. It might make the thing useful, even if it is a pain in the rear
  5. Desert Springs
    I too used these and loved them. I agree about the plastic ones. I usually ended up covered with cold water or flooded my coops. Grrr!
  6. arpyhh
    It's 46.00 here... :-/
  7. furbabymum
    I had had a top fill 5 gallon plastic waterer first and it leaked even worse. I just can't be the only one with such horrid luck. :( I'm with you though Idube. I haven't found anything better or I'd switch.
  8. gickelvolk
    We have had one of these for over a year and can only say good stuff!
    Try putting a couple of Blue-Ice cooler packets in this for cool water on hot days...... :)
  9. dovecanyon
    This is my favorite waterer! I have had several different kinds, and this is the best, by far. Easy to fill, easy to carry, and the chickens cannot tip it over- no matter how hard they try.
  10. thompsonfarm
    you tae the lid off and pour water in. then you replace the lid. it has ruber gaskets and a valve that get compressed when you put the lid back on but it creates suction so the water doesnt flow out of it. i love mine, especially for my ducks!
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