5 Gallon Double Wall Fount

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  1. pasuit
    Pros - Durable
    Cons - Must be on Level Surface or it wont hold water.
    Durable but must be on a level surface or it won't hold water.
  2. snow5164
    "Don't buy this"
    Pros - None
    Cons - Rusts inside . Heavy to carry and handle is sharp .
    Very dissatisfied with this expensive product . Bought mine in the winter set up my cookie tin heater underneath, and by spring they were both orange with rust inside . I only used fresh clean water.

    My 5 gallon plastic waterer is much better and less expensive
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  3. GardenJen77
    "Doesn't hold water well"
    Pros - Easy to carry inner and outer handles. Sturdy, easy to refill
    Cons - Flow valve doesn't properly seal
    Though this waterer is a lot sturdier and easier to refill than those plastic things, I seem to go through water MUCH quicker, because the valve doesn't properly seal.

    For instance, I have a flock of 8 birds that use this particular waterer. I have another flock of 16 birds that use a plastic one that holds twice as much. You would think that I would be refilling water at about the same rate, because the amount of water per bird is the same.

    However, I go through water twice as fast, almost having to refill it daily, with just 8 birds. When they used the plastic one, I filled it once a week.

    Not sure if there is a replacement piece that would fix issue or not.
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  1. WYNot
    Thanks for the suggestions. Will give them a try. Can't take it back though. Have had it since last fall. Bought it to use as a winter waterer (along with a heated base) but ended up going a different route. Ended up buying one of the Harris Farm 5 Gallon Top Fill Waterer (link) and so far am quite happy with it. Would be nice to get the metal one working though as a backup.
  2. Ugadano
    Try candling the empty in a dark room to see if you can find the hole, or submerge full of air in a stock tank to watch for bubbles, then use JB Weld or something non-toxic to patch that hole inside and out. Even duct tape will hold for a while on a small spot. I hope it is not on a seam. If you cannot locate it, I would take it back to the store to trade for a new one.
  3. duluthralphie
    I know it is a pain but try a plastic bag over the inside bucket. It might make the thing useful, even if it is a pain in the rear
  4. Desert Springs
    I too used these and loved them. I agree about the plastic ones. I usually ended up covered with cold water or flooded my coops. Grrr!
  5. arpyhh
    It's 46.00 here... :-/
  6. furbabymum
    I had had a top fill 5 gallon plastic waterer first and it leaked even worse. I just can't be the only one with such horrid luck. :( I'm with you though Idube. I haven't found anything better or I'd switch.
  7. gickelvolk
    We have had one of these for over a year and can only say good stuff!
    Try putting a couple of Blue-Ice cooler packets in this for cool water on hot days...... :)
  8. dovecanyon
    This is my favorite waterer! I have had several different kinds, and this is the best, by far. Easy to fill, easy to carry, and the chickens cannot tip it over- no matter how hard they try.
  9. thompsonfarm
    you tae the lid off and pour water in. then you replace the lid. it has ruber gaskets and a valve that get compressed when you put the lid back on but it creates suction so the water doesnt flow out of it. i love mine, especially for my ducks!
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  10. Chickielady
    How do you fill it ?

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