5 Gallon - Heated Flat Back Bucket

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Pros: Fun colors, fairly tough
Cons: I've chipped a few
Have had ours for three years this spring. Good durability; but I have accidentally chipped a few.
Pros: Heavy Duty, Keeps water from freezing, holds lots of water
Cons: none so far
We are into our 2nd winter with this bucket and so far it works great!! It was such a pain in the butt having to bust through ice or switch out water containers every day. Now with this bucket, even the toughest WV weather is tamed and each day we go out to unfrozen water bucket. I highly recommend this product.
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Pros: tough
Cons: heater didn't last
This was a good idea and well built bucket and handle but the heater only lasted 2 winters.Still a nice heavy bucket that we use after cutting the cord off.We bought this for our dog which if the heater would have lasted we like because it held more water then the heated bowls we have now.You could also carry it to the water supply for a fill which you can not the dog bowls.
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