8 Hole Round Feeder

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  1. Fatherdowling
    "High quality chicken feeder"
    Pros - Durable, functional, heavy enough that it can't be tipped over
    Cons - Has to be filled regularly
    This feeder is well worth the money you pay for it, I highly recommend it.
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  2. Bluechick2u
    "Awesome for baby ducks water"
    Pros - This works awesome for baby ducks to drink water from so that they dont poop in the water then sling it everywhere!
    Cons - This does not come apart for cleaning, and is useless for dispensing feed from
    This is an awesome way to provide clean water for baby ducks to drink from and immerse their bills so they can eat, but is very hard to clean if you get anything else in it, so not great to dispense feed from. This item does not work well at all for any other use that I know of, as baby chicks will perch on it and poop inside of it lickety-split.
  3. jermb11
    "Waste of Money"
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - holds fraction of mason jar types, sharp edges, hard to open, birds get on top of it
    Bought one and after cutting my fingers on it multiple times trying to open it i stopped using it.

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  1. dheltzel
    Using the plastic version does require a lot of care. I've learned how to support the jar and the feeder top, while putting the bottom on carefully and snugly, then using both hands to invert and support it when putting it in or taking it out.

    The plastic version could be easily improved, I would think, I suppose there is just not enough money in the product to make someone come out with a better one.
  2. tacopaco
    LOL! ive cut my fingers on this type too i thought it was an coincidence since only one of mine cuts my fingers.

    @dheltzel i dont like the plastic version of this type of feeder either though because they open way too easy
  3. dheltzel
    Agreed! I will never use one of these again. The plastic ones are cheaper and safer.
    Thank you for spreading the word.
  4. gander007
    First thing I learned was to take some emery cloth and sand down the edges of the feeder
    holes so the sharp edges do not cut your fingers after that put your thumbs in the holes and
    push the two ends apart and be easy so none of the sharp created during the stamping
    process cut your hands or fingers next after the two ends are apart take the emery cloth and
    sand down the rest of the sharp edges this way the next time you take it apart you will not
    cut yourself on any sharp edges .....
  5. Nadeerah
    I have one of these. how do you open it?
  6. gander007
    Oh these will last forever as you said I still have one from my childhood and now I have
    Grandchildren but I did find one much like this one that has a jar on top actually you need
    to come up with the jar yourself and I would recommend a glass jar and the Kimchi jar
    works just fine or it is what I use ..... But to say these last a life time yes and then some ...

  7. FuzzyButtsFarm
    I hate them. You can't fill em with out making a mess, unless they are completely empty, cause you have to take them apart. They needed another lid on the top of the jar. I modified mine so now it works.
  8. TheChickMan
    i use an eight hole metal feeder for 8 chicks and a duck with a mason jar top. they love it and eat out of it constantly
  9. La Casa de Pollo
    Rather have the one with the canister in the middle, it keeps the chicks off of it so they do not poop in it

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