8 Hole Round Feeder

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  1. tommyz44
    Pros - easy to use and clean.
    Cons - filling often
    Easy to clean, and also stays cleaner since they dont have as much area to poop in. As others stated it needs filing often. since you need to empty out the feeder then fill jar by time it fills half the jar is gone. what i did is take a plastic mason jar from tractor supply store, cut a small hole in the top and fill it that way and no loss.
  2. Fatherdowling
    "High quality chicken feeder"
    Pros - Durable, functional, heavy enough that it can't be tipped over
    Cons - Has to be filled regularly
    This feeder is well worth the money you pay for it, I highly recommend it.
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  3. Bluechick2u
    "Awesome for baby ducks water"
    Pros - This works awesome for baby ducks to drink water from so that they dont poop in the water then sling it everywhere!
    Cons - This does not come apart for cleaning, and is useless for dispensing feed from
    This is an awesome way to provide clean water for baby ducks to drink from and immerse their bills so they can eat, but is very hard to clean if you get anything else in it, so not great to dispense feed from. This item does not work well at all for any other use that I know of, as baby chicks will perch on it and poop inside of it lickety-split.
  4. jermb11
    "Waste of Money"
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - holds fraction of mason jar types, sharp edges, hard to open, birds get on top of it
    Bought one and after cutting my fingers on it multiple times trying to open it i stopped using it.
  5. chickypeps
    "Yum yum chicks...beware fingers..."
    Pros - Will last forever
    Cons - Sharp edges!
    This little guy is on its 4th batch of chicks and looks new. The only downfall is the inside of the holes are super sharp. I used to use a funnel before I figured out the lid comes off, duh. And now I wear leather gloves when prying the lid off since I sliced open my finger doing it a few weeks ago. Ouch!! I ended up screwing the base to a block of 2x6 just so it was high enough to keep the chicks from kicking pine shavings into it all the time. Other than sharp insides, love it!
  6. BullChick
    "Chicken, not child safe"
    As soon as I started to wash the base, I cut my finger down to the bone. Little presure was needed. I used it for a few days, then bought a plastic one.
    If I just got a fluke one, please tell me. I will be happy to use steel in the future.
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  7. TheChickMan
    "8 hole round feeder"
    Pros - workes great for my 8 week old chicks
    Cons - nothing
    very good product. i would recommend it every time
  8. 2seth2
    "Great for chicks"
    Pros - good size, chicks love it, and easy to clean
    Cons - Can be hard to open
    It is perfect for the persn not brooding tons of chicks and an easy clean. The chicks love to hop on it too. You can fit a good amount of feed in and it doesn't take up that much space. The only down side is it can be hard to open.

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