Prefabricated, flat packed coop of a medium size. Suitable for 2-10 chickens 3 nesting boxes 5 roosts - 2 different heights and widths Requires painting or oiling prior to use to maintain warranty
This Top Hatch Incubator (model THI-30) from Brower® is applicable for most species because it has a universal egg rack, so there is no need to buy separate cups for different species. This egg rack can be used for most any species, just invert it. T
Smaalands are another one of Silverudd's auto-sexing breeds. Their coloration is similar to the Cream Legbar although Smaaland's have no crest and their comb is small. They are notable among Silverudd's auto-sexing breeds because they have a tendency toward broodiness. From the Greenfire Farms website: "Smaaland is a province in southern Sweden, and it gave its name to a little-known auto-sexing breed created a half century ago by Sweden’s poultry savant, Martin Silverudd. Smaalands are a...
I usually deal with Orpingtons so this breed is all new to me lol..does anyone know what kind of hen she is ?
Locks cords together & keeps the connection dry
An English, rose-combed chicken.

Prima Heat Lamp

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The Prima Heat Lamp is a heat lamp from premier 1 supplies. It is safer than most heat lamps and is easy to adjust to control the temperature.
Dave Holderread has written Raising the Home Duck Flock for persons who want to raise ducks but don't know how to get started. He explains how many ducks you should have for various conditions, which breeds may be best for you, where and how to buy..

Enslaved by Ducks

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A true story of how one man went from head of the household to bottom of the pecking order.

The Chicken Book

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"The Chicken Book" covers the history of the domesticated chicken all the way up to modern times and some of its influence on society. It has a chapter on recipes and current chicken raising.
White chicken with black splotches. single comb. adults legs have pink,black, and white scales.
Short. Roosters have basic Iridescent sickle tail feathers, Orange,Red, Black/gray/blue body feathers. Hens look like brown Leghorns, with a feather tuft around comb.

Buff Orpington

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Hmong chickens (Qaib Hmoob)

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Hmong chickens are a land-race chickens raised primarily by the Hmong hill tribes of East Asia and South East Asia. The Hmong chickens are a fibro-melanistic breed of chicken.

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